Bryophytes of North Carolina
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Leucobryum albidum (Brid. ex P.Beauv.) Lindb. - pincushion moss

Phylum: MOSSESOrder: DICRANALES Family: LEUCOBRYACEAE Checklist Number: 159712CNABH tropicos_number
Species Description: Plants 6-9 mm high and tightly compacted in rounded, sometimes lobed, grayish green cushions 1-10 cm in diameter, occasionally wider, becoming light yellow-green when wet; stems, largely hidden by branching through the thickness of the cushion that builds over and around them; leaves consisting of blade and sheath; blades 3-8 mm long narrowing upward from the top of the sheath to a tip with somewhat incurved margins; sheath 1-3 mm partially clasping the stem from its insertion on the stem and extending upward to the base of the blade.
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Distribution in North Carolina
Distribution: Likely occurring in every county in North Carolina
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Habitats and Life History
Habitats: Wide variety of moist, swamps, bogs, floodplains, and mesic woods, to dry sandy, xeric woodland soil substrates as well as tree bases, including pine found in particularly moist areas; becoming uncommon with altitudes in excess of 4000 ft (1200 m).
Status in North Carolina
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Natural Heritage Program Ranks: G5 -
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