Bryophytes of North Carolina
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Sole representative of TIMMIACEAE in NC
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Timmia megapolitana Hedw. - timmia moss

Phylum: MOSSESOrder: TIMMIALES Family: TIMMIACEAE Checklist Number: 161136CNABH tropicos_number
Species Description: Brassard G.R. (1984): The moss genus Timmia. 3. Sect. Timmia.- Lindbergia 10: 33-40. Budke, J. & Goffinet, B. (2006): Phylogenetic analyses of Timmiaceae (Bryophyta: Musci) based on nuclear and chloroplast sequence data. Systematic Botany 31: 633–641. Budke et al Hedenas, L. (2011): Relationships in the Timmia norvegica complex (Timmiaceae) based on nuclear and chloroplast sequence data. Bryologist 114: 749-755.
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Distribution in North Carolina
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