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6 records for Entylia carinata Mecklenburg County

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Entylia carinata102542021-07-06 9AdultHuntersvilleday04_iNaturalist
Entylia carinata102542020-10-07Rob Van Epps7AdultSeveral found in yard.Davidson01_Photo
Several found in yard.

Several found in yard.
Entylia carinata102542019-07-05Ken Kneidel1AdultChantilly Ecological Park, Charlotte01_Photo

Entylia carinata102542018-10-23Ken Kneidel14.8 mm, goldenrod along pond margin at forest edgeEvergreen Nature Preserve11:50 amon goldenrod flower head01_Photo
4.8 mm, goldenrod along pond margin at forest edge
Entylia carinata102542017-08-11 Rob Van EppsseveralWeedy area near hardwood forest edge.Yard01_Photo
Weedy area near hardwood forest edge.
Entylia carinata102540000-00-00010_NC_Checklist