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5 records for Tylozygus bifidus Craven County

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Tylozygus bifidus132062021-09-17 Erich Hofmann10+AdultNumerous, at least a dozen individuals, likely more.Private property adjacent to Croatan National Forest2200h, attracted to outdoor lights. 01_Photo
Numerous, at least a dozen individuals, likely more.
Tylozygus bifidus132062020-06-06Erich Hofmann1Adultprivate property nr Croatanday04_iNaturalist
Tylozygus bifidus132062020-05-30 1Adultprivate property near Croatan NFnight04_iNaturalist
Tylozygus bifidus132062020-05-29 1Adultprivate property nr Croatanday04_iNaturalist
Tylozygus bifidus132062019-06-26J. Bolling Sullivan1AdultCroatan National Forest, Little Road11_Collection