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Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, Treehoppers, and Planthoppers
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8 records for Tylozygus bifidus Orange County

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Tylozygus bifidus132062022-06-30 1Adult?night04_iNaturalist
Tylozygus bifidus132062022-06-09 1AdultChapel Hillnight04_iNaturalist
Tylozygus bifidus132062021-10-19John Petranka1AdultNew Hope Creek Biodiversity SurveyHollow Rock Nature Park subsite: West of Pickett Road, Meadow3:13 pm01_Photo
New Hope Creek Biodiversity Survey

New Hope Creek Biodiversity Survey
Tylozygus bifidus132062019-06-15 1AdultChapel Hill04_iNaturalist
Tylozygus bifidus132062018-09-20 Randy Emmitt5uv lightMixed hardwood forestall evening01_Photo
uv light
Tylozygus bifidus132062018-08-27 Randy Emmitt1uv lightsmixed hardwood forest11 pm01_Photo
uv lights
Tylozygus bifidus132062017-08-17Randy L Emmitt1at sheet with lights.backyard lights10;30pm01_Photo
at sheet with lights.

at sheet with lights.
Tylozygus bifidus132062017-08-09Randy L Emmitt1back yard moth lights10 pm01_Photo