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3 records for Xestocephalus brunneus Warren County

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Xestocephalus brunneusBrown Xestocephalus132072013-08-31Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn, Paul Scharf4mixed hardwood, open forest near lake edgeHubquarter, at Lake Gastonfound at night, attracted with lights02_Sight
Xestocephalus brunneusBrown Xestocephalus132072013-07-26Paul Scharf 1Attracted to Black LightLake Gaston2158 PM01_Photo
Attracted to Black Light

Attracted to Black Light
Xestocephalus brunneusBrown Xestocephalus132072011-08-03Paul Scharf 1attracted to Black LightLake Gaston0541 AM01_Photo
attracted to Black Light