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Ponana pectoralis143532018-07-01Randy L Emmitt1uv lightmixed hardwood forest11 pm01_Photo
uv light
Ponana pectoralis143532013-07-31Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn5Mixed hardwood forest edgeEno River State Park, at Few's FordENRIFound during the day, caught while sweepnettingBlack Walnut, microstygium, ?01_Photo
Mixed hardwood forest edge

Mixed hardwood forest edge

Mixed hardwood forest edge
Ponana pectoralis143532013-07-31Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn1Riverine edge, grassy/brushy habitatEno River State Park, at Pleasant GreenENRIFound during the day02_Sight
Ponana pectoralis143531901-06-13North Carolina State University Insect Collection1Cedar GroveSarracenia flava11_Collection