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3 records for Xerophloea viridis New Hanover County

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Xerophloea viridis143652021-07-21 Erich Hofmann and Kayla Weinfurther1Adultattracted to outdoor building lightsFairfield Park, Wilmington2200h01_Photo
attracted to outdoor building lights
Xerophloea viridis143652021-07-20 Erich Hofmann and Kayla Weinfurther1AdultFound recently captured in spider web.Fairfield Park, Wilmington2100h01_Photo
Found recently captured in spider web.

Found recently captured in spider web.
Xerophloea viridis143652017-09-30Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn, Paul Scharf1near a marsh; maleCarolina Beach SPCABEday, caught while sweeping01_Photo
near a marsh; male