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7 records for Stobaera pallida Mecklenburg County

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Stobaera pallida145162020-07-02Rob Van Epps1AdultAttracted to UV light. Suburban yard near woods. Davidson01_Photo
Attracted to UV light. Suburban yard near woods.

Attracted to UV light. Suburban yard near woods.
Stobaera pallida145162019-06-16Ken Kneidel1Adult4.4 mm424 Bertonley Ave, Charlotte01_Photo
4.4 mm

4.4 mm

4.4 mm
Stobaera pallida145162017-08-20Rob Van EppsWeedy/grassy open area. Caught sweeping. Wallace Farm01_Photo
Weedy/grassy open area. Caught sweeping.
Stobaera pallida145162012-10-11University of Delaware1Newell11_Collection
Stobaera pallida145162012-09-04University of Delaware1Newell11_Collection
Stobaera pallida145162012-06-04University of Delaware3Newell11_Collection
Stobaera pallida145161983-09-04University of Delaware1Charlotte11_Collection