Hoppers of North Carolina:
Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, Treehoppers, and Planthoppers
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5 records for Acanalonia bivittata Bladen County

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Acanalonia bivittataTwo-striped Planthopper99801999-08-27North Carolina State University Insect Collection1Camp Dixie, 1.6 km N of Duarte, Hwy 87 at SR-1302 [Bladen Union Church Rd]11_Collection
Acanalonia bivittataTwo-striped Planthopper99801994-09-17North Carolina State University Insect Collection1nr. Bladen Lakes State Forest CR 1324 & NC 24211_Collection
Acanalonia bivittataTwo-striped Planthopper99801990-09-08North Carolina State University Insect Collection15.5 km SW of Ammon, SR-1325 [Gum Spring Rd]11_Collection
Acanalonia bivittataTwo-striped Planthopper99801985-09-14North Carolina State University Insect Collection3?11_Collection
Acanalonia bivittataTwo-striped Planthopper99801984-09-22North Carolina State University Insect Collection1Bladen Lakes State Forest, 2.2 km NE of Jones Lake, road 151011_Collection