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8 records are shown. [SciName like 'Ambloplites cavifrons', county='Rockingham']
S rankG rankcomNamesciNamecountylocalitynumbercollector
S2G3Roanoke BassAmbloplites cavifronsRockinghamDan River (DPC Location 728.2) immediately upstream of Smith River confluence, left ascending bank, SE side of Eden3Dave J. Coughlan, BK Baker
S2G3Roanoke BassAmbloplites cavifronsRockinghamDan River off SR 2039 [Bethlehem Church Road] at NCWRC boat ramp, [ca. 1.2 air miles SE center Eden]1Tyler Averett, J DeBerardinis, Mark Hale
S2G3Roanoke BassAmbloplites cavifronsRockinghamSmith River, ca. 300 m shoal reach near Spray mill complex, ca. 300-600 m upstream of NC 700/770 (W Meadow Road) bridge, ca. 1.4-1.6 air miles NNE center Eden2Wayne C. Starnes, CJ Wood, MA McCormick, JE Baumann, BH Tracy, PE Mascarelli
S2G3Roanoke BassAmbloplites cavifronsRockinghamDan River, downstream of confluence with Smith River and immediately upstream of the NCWRC boat ramp on Bethlehem Church Road [SR 2039], [ca. 9.7 air miles NNW center Reidsville]1DJ Coughlan, BK Baker
S2G3Roanoke BassAmbloplites cavifronsRockinghamDan River, Washington Mill,Michael Perkins, DANIELLE A CROCKER, William T Russ, Stephen J Fraley, Andrea J. Leslie, Luke Etchison, DAVID M STAGLIANO, Stace
S2G3Roanoke BassAmbloplites cavifronsRockinghamSmith River, Island Ford Access,William T Russ, Michael Perkins, DANIELLE A CROCKER, Stacey Leigh Stevens, Stephen J Fraley, LUCAS ETCHISON, Andrea J. Leslie, A
S2G3Roanoke BassAmbloplites cavifronsRockinghamDan River, Bethlehem Church Rd, SR2039David J Coughlan
S2G3Roanoke BassAmbloplites cavifronsRockinghamSmith River, Spray Cotton Mill Rd,3William T Russ, Michael Perkins, MATTHEW B BODENHAMER