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19 records are shown. [SciName like 'Esox niger', county='Hoke']
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S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeTrib. of Rockfish Cr., 4.6 mi. W of Rockfish on Secondary Rd.1Edward Raney; William Woolcott; Robert Gibbs
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokePuppy Creek, Fort Bragg Military Res., downstream of Chicken Rd.1P.J. Perea, P.B. Bayley, T. Krzyik, J. Stone & C. Dyson
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeBuffalo Cr, SR 12036
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeFlat Cr, Manchester Rd2
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeFlat Cr, Manchester Rd1
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeJuniper Cr, Plank Rd2
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeMountain Cr, SR 12151
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokePiney Bottom Cr, Fire Service Road # 251
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokePuppy Cr, Plank Road2
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeQuewhiffle Cr, SR 12251
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokePuppy Creek at US 401, 3.0 miles W Cumberland County line, 4.7 air miles NW Rockfish, [ca. 6.1 air miles NE center Raeford]1Rudolf G. Arndt and KC Zippel
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeRockfish Creek [?=Wolf Pit Creek] on King Road (Ft. Bragg), 4.4 miles S junction Southern Pines Road, ca. 2.0 air miles NE Ashley Heights, [ca. 5.2 air miles SE center Southern Pines]2Rudolf G. Arndt, Fred C. Rohde, et al.
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeBuffalo Creek at SR 1203 [Turnpike Road], [ca. 7.2 air miles W Raeford]1Bryn H. Tracy, K Ashley, Nicole Flint, Kathy Herring, Neil Medlin
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeMountain Creek at SR 1215 [Montrose Road], [ca. 9.7 air miles WNW center Raeford]1Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, E Hain, Mark Hale
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHoke[Horse] Creek at Manchester Road [& Raefordvass Road], ca. 1.5 miles W Flat Creek (two 7 foot high culverts at bridge), [ca. 10.9 air miles E center Southern Pines]3Rudolf G. Arndt, Fred C. Rohde, AM Teti
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeLumber River, [ca. 1.6 air] miles NE of Oak Hill, [ca. 14.5 air miles NNE center Laurinburg]3NCWRC
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeRockfish Creek, [at SR 1432, Golf Course Road], 3.0 miles SW Rockfish, [ca. 14.5 air miles SW center Fayetteville]3NCWRC (Louder, Phillips and Eagerton)
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokePuppy Creek, [ca. 6.6 air] miles W [center] Clifdale, [ca. 7.7 air miles NE center Raeford]1NCWRC
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerHokeLumber River, ca 3 mi SE of Wagram, at Riverton community.25Gilbert, Carter; et al.