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15 records are shown. [SciName like 'Esox niger', county='Wake']
S rankG rankcomNamesciNamecountylocalitynumbercollector
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeNeuse River near Raleigh (at Millburnie Dam)1E. D. Cope
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeBuffalo Cr, SR 10072
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeLittle R, NC 961
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeLittle R, NC 962
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeWhite Oak Creek, 1.0 miles NW Holleman, [see remarks]2NCWRC (Louder, Phillips and Eagerton)
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeBuffalo Creek, [ca. 6.6 air] miles [WNW] of Zebulon, [ca. 13.1 air miles ENE center Raleigh]1NCWRC (Smith)
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeLittle River, County Road 2224 [Mitchell Mill Road], 4.0 air miles E Rolesville1Alvin L. Braswell,Raymond E. Ashton, Shute
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeLittle River, 0.25 miles above SSR 2224 bridge [Mitchell Mill Road], 4.0 air miles E Rolesville1Alvin L. Braswell, Raymond E. Ashton, S Platania
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeNeuse River at SSR 1900, 13.0 air miles WNW center Wake Forest, [see remarks]1S Platania, W Pursley and MM Browne
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWake[American] Legion Pond [=Johnson Pond], below dam, [ca. 4.9 kilometers NE center] Fuquay-Varina, [see georeference remarks]4William W. Hassler and students
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeLake Myra, [ca. 3.9 air miles WSW center Wendell]1CE DePoe
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeBuffalo Creek, [ca. 20.5 kilometers ENE center of Raleigh], [see remarks]2Lora Milton Outten
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeTerrible Creek, pool below dam at below Johnsons Pond, [ca. 5.1 kilometers NE center Fuquay-Varina]]2William W. Hassler and sudents
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeMiddle Creek, outlet of Bass Lake, [1.9] miles [ESE] Holly Springs, [ca. 21.2 kilometers SW center Raleigh]2Joseph R. Bailey and students
S5G5Chain PickerelEsox nigerWakeLittle River trib. to Neuse River 2.4 mi. SW of Zebulon Hwy. 64.2Suttkus, Conner, Cashner & Ichthy. Class