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18 records are shown. [SciName like 'Hybopsis hypsinotus', county='McDowell']
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S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellClear and rapid creeks which flow into the waters of the upper Catawba River in MacDowell & Burke Co (= Buck Creek at Pleasant Gardens)1E. D. Cope
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellCatawba R., 1 mi. S of Old Fort8Ernest Lachner; Edward Raney; James Kezer
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellCatawba R., 1 mi. S of Old Fort10Edward Raney; Robert Ross; Royal Suttkus
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellTrib. of Catawba R. 0.5 mi. W of Old Fort on NC 702Robert Gibbs; P. Caswell
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellStream crossing Rt. 221 bridge, 3 mi. S of Marion1William Richards; Robert Miller; Gilbert Bane
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellS Muddy Cr, SR 17643
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellS Muddy Cr, SR 17642
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellSecond Broad River, off SR 1781 [Old US 221], 7.25 air miles SW Dysartville1Vince P. Schneider and Harold Quidley
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellSouth Muddy Creek at SR 1764 [Pinnacle Church Road], [ca. 8.7 air miles ESE center Marion]3Bryn H. Tracy, Kathy Herring, Neil Medlin, Dave L. Penrose
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellCatawba River, ca. 2.4 kilometers [WSW center] Old Fort1Joseph R. Bailey, L.P. Wilkins
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellSouth Muddy Creek, at SR 1764 [Muddy Creek Road], [ca. 11.7 air miles SW center Morganton]2Bryn H. Tracy, Nate Hartsell, J Iverson, Mike Mickey, Michael Shepherd
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellNorth Fork Catawba River, at junction [with] Armstrong Creek, 12.8 kilometers N Marion10M. Fedak and S226 class
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellArmstrong Creek, just above junction with North Fork Catawba River, at US 221, 8 miles [NNW] Marion, [ca. 32.0 kilometers WNW center Morganton]4Joseph R. Bailey and students
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellArmstrong Creek, 1/2-1 mile above mouth in [North Fork] Catawba River, [ca. 12.6] kilometers N Marion2Joseph R. Bailey
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellCatawba River, 1 mi S of Old Fort, just 1 mi off Rte. 70; Santee drainage4EC Raney & EA Lachner
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellHeadwater of Catawba River, 0.2 mi S of Old Fort on Bat Cave Road; Catawba River drainage1CR Gilbert & TL Poulson
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellWhere NC 226 Crosses South Muddy Creek, 0.8 Miles NW of Dysartville3Randall et al.
S4G4Highback ChubHybopsis hypsinotusMcDowellConfluence of Armstrong Creek and Its Little Switzerland Tributary, 2.3 mi NW of Woodlawn1Randall, F. J.