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22 records are shown. [SciName like 'Lepomis marginatus', county='Brunswick']
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S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickAlligator Swamp, 0.1 mi north Exum on SR 13356P.M. Mabee & T.J. Mabee
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickCanal off Waccamaw R., 1 mi. N of Waccamaw R. on Rt. 130, near Ash54Edward Raney; Royal Suttkus; Howard Evans; Robert Roecker
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickRoyal Oak Swp, NC 2115
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickBell Swamp Creek, US 17 [NC 87/Ocean Highway E] bridge, just N of Bell Swamp, 5.75 miles NE Bolivia, [ca. 10.6 air miles SW center Wilmington]1William M. Palmer, D Louder and JR Davis
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickBorrow pit along Rt. 211, 4.5 road miles (4.25 air miles) NW Supply21William M. Palmer, EE Flowers and FD Scott
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickRoyal Oak Swamp at NC 211, [ca. 15.3 air miles NW Southport]5Bryn H. Tracy, Mark Hale, Neil Medlin, Tracy Morman
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswick[?=Middle Swamp, tributary to] Lockwood Folly River, 1.25 miles [SSW] of Bolivia, [ca. 17.1 air miles SW center Wilmington], [see remarks]4NCWRC
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickBeaverdam Bay [?=Pinch Gut Creek], [ca.] 3.0 [air] miles [WNW center] Bolivia, [ca. 17.6 air miles SW center Wilmington], [see remarks]15NCWRC
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickRattlesnake Branch, 8.0 miles [WNW] of Winnabow, [ca. 16.1 air miles WNW center Wilmington]9NCWRC
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickDew Creek [=Dews Creek], [at Daws Creek Road], [ca. 4.7 air] miles [ESE center] of Winnabow, [ca. 8.6 air miles SSW center Wilmington]1NCWRC
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickMill Creek, 1.0 miles NE of Mill Creek (town), [ca. 11.0 air miles SW center Wilmington]2NCWRC
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickWet Ash Swamp, 2.0 miles SW of Ash, [ca. 19.9 air miles ESE center Tabor City]6NCWRC
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickWet Ash Swamp at SR 1300 [Ash Little River Road NW], furthest from bridge, [ca. 10.6 air miles WNW center Shallotte]2Fred C. Rohde, ML Moser, et al.
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickAlligator Swamp at SR 1335 [Myrtle Head Road NW], [ca. 10.9 air miles NNW center Shallotte]4ML Moser and students
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickCawcaw Swamp at NC 904 [Longwood Road NW], [ca. 8.2 air miles W center Shallotte]3Fred C. Rohde, ML Moser
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickAlligator Swamp, at SR [1335/Myrtle Head Road], 0.3 kilometers N of Exum, [ca. 17.4 kilometers NNW center Shallotte, see georeference remarks]3Fred C. Rohde, David E. Fast, William S. Birkhead
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickLockwood Folly River, [4.3] kilometers E Supply, [ca. 16.1 kilometers ENE center Shallotte]19Joseph R. Bailey and S225 class
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickShingletree Creek, [ca. 3.6 kilometers NNW center Calabash]21Mary L. Moser, Fred C. Rohde, R. Macfayden
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickBorrow pit, on NC 904 [Pireway Road], 1.6 [road] kilometer W Regan, [ca. 18.7 kilometers WNW center Shallotte], [see georeference remarks]40Joseph R. Bailey and S225 class
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickWaccamaw River, at NC 904 [Pireway Road], [ca. 23.2 kilometers WNW center Shallotte]6Joseph R. Bailey and S225 class
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickBrunswick; trib. to Juniper Creek at Co. Rd. 1340, 6.6 mi WNW of Freeland34E.F. Menhinick & Limnology Class
S3G5Dollar SunfishLepomis marginatusBrunswickBrunswick; North Branch of Wet Ash Swamp Creek at Co. Rd. 1332, S of Co. Rd. 1331, 4.0 mi E of Longwood2E.F. Menhinick, Limnology Class