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9 records are shown. [SciName like 'Notropis amoenus', county='Durham']
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S4G5Comely ShinerNotropis amoenusDurhamTrib. of Neuse R. just west of Bahama, 13 mi. N. of Durham,0.25 mi. off route 5012Ernest Lachner; Roman Pfeiffer; Edward Raney
S4G5Comely ShinerNotropis amoenusDurhamFlat River at SR 1614 (State Forest Road), off US 501 and Moores Mill Road, 2.6 air miles SE Rougemont, about 14.0 air miles N center Durham3Wayne C. Starnes, LF Womack, JD Fitzpatrick, Morgan E. Raley, P Cox, H Dye Frink, L Lowrance, & NCS. Michelle campers
S4G5Comely ShinerNotropis amoenusDurhamEno River, SR 1004 [Old Oxford Highway] bridge, [ca. 5.8 air miles NNE center Durham]21NCWRC (Smith)
S4G5Comely ShinerNotropis amoenusDurhamEno River, 1.6 kilometers above [=upstream] confluence Flat River, [ca. 12.7 kilometers NNE center Durham]18Joseph R. Bailey and Zoo 238 students
S4G5Comely ShinerNotropis amoenusDurhamLittle River, 1.0 mile above [town of] Orange Factory, [ca. 9.8 air miles N center Durham]23NCWRC (Smith)
S4G5Comely ShinerNotropis amoenusDurhamEno River, at Guess Road [NC 157], [ca. 9.3 kilometers NNW center Durham]63John G. Lundberg
S4G5Comely ShinerNotropis amoenusDurhamNeuse River, (SSR 1801) [Cheek Road], 9.25 air miles ENE center Durham2S Platania, W Pursley and MM Browne
S4G5Comely ShinerNotropis amoenusDurhamEno River, SR 1004 bridge (Old Oxford Highway), 3.0 miles NNE Durham, 1.5 miles NNE Weaver7William M. Palmer, JH Hunt, JL Clare, Jr., EE Stainback
S4G5Comely ShinerNotropis amoenusDurhamNeuse River, US Hwy 15, 9.0 mi NE of Durham; Neuse River drainage3RM & JR Bailey