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9 records are shown. [SciName like 'Notropis hudsonius', county='Lee']
S rankG rankcomNamesciNamecountylocalitynumbercollector
S5G5Spottail ShinerNotropis hudsoniusLeeBig Buffalo Cr, SR 14033
S5G5Spottail ShinerNotropis hudsoniusLeeDeep River, run below shoal area just below dam at Carbonton, just downstream of NC 42, ca. 10.0 air miles WNW Sanford65Ryan J. Heise, TJ Kwak, WE Smith, R Nichols, J Meador
S5G5Spottail ShinerNotropis hudsoniusLeeDeep River, 2.0 kilometers upstream Locksville Dam, 2.25 air miles W Moncure1Gerald B. Pottern, W Bramlett and C Eliason
S5G5Spottail ShinerNotropis hudsoniusLeeDeep River, 0.5 kilometers above Locksville Dam, via US 1, 2.0 air miles W Haywood1Gerald B. Pottern and R Biggins
S5G5Spottail ShinerNotropis hudsoniusLeeBig Buffalo Creek at SR 1403 [Cotten Road], [ca. 5.0 air miles NNW center Sanford]3Bryn H. Tracy, Aaron Bunch, Anthony Butz, Mark Hale
S5G5Spottail ShinerNotropis hudsoniusLeeDeep River, SR 2153-1400 [Rosser Road-Cumnock Road], 2.6 air miles ENE Gulf7Gerald B. Pottern, B Gunn, I Harrold, T Lemon
S5G5Spottail ShinerNotropis hudsoniusLeeRaccoon Creek at SR 1318 [Steel Bridge Road], [ca. 4.2 air miles WSW center Sanford]1Rudolf G. Arndt, et al.
S5G5Spottail ShinerNotropis hudsoniusLeeDeep River at SR 2153/1400, 2.6 air miles ENE Gulf14G Pottern and F Hyman
S5G5Spottail ShinerNotropis hudsoniusLeeDeep River at Deep River Park, ca. 400 m reach above (W of) Rosser/Cumnock (SSR 1400/2153) roads bridge, ca. 7.1 air miles NNW center of Sanford62Wayne C. Starnes, Bryn H. Tracy, TJ Kwak, Ryan J. Heise, J Barr, JM Fisk, M. Holliman, C Waters, W Smith, NC Oakley, T Wilson, B