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13 records are shown. [SciName like 'Notropis maculatus', county='Columbus']
S rankG rankcomNamesciNamecountylocalitynumbercollector
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusLumber River, 1 mile W Boardman to 8.? miles SE Lumberton50NCWRC (Louder, Eagerton and Gulish)
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusLumber River, [ca. 0.7 air] miles W of Boardman, [ca. 12.7 air miles SSE center Lumberton]7NCWRC
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusWaccamaw River, off of Whiteville Road (SR 130), [ca. 31.8 kilometers SSE center Whiteville]2J. Michael Fisk, J Dycus
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusLake Waccamaw, off of SR 1947 [Bella Coola Road], at boat ramp access at Friar Swamp, [ca. 13.5 air miles ESE center Whiteville]7Jeffrey C. Beane, JE Corey III, B Davis, S Horton, JT Finnegan
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusLake Waccamaw canals, [near] NCWRC boat landing on NE shore, [ca. 21.7 kilometers ESE center Whiteville]4Joseph R. Bailey, et al.
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusWaccamaw River, NC 904, [ca. 13.4 kilometers SW center Freeland]5Bryn H. Tracy, Mark Hale, Neil Medlin
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusWaccamaw River, 2 miles S of Pireway, [ca. 17.3 air miles SE center Tabor City]5NCWRC
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusSeven Creeks, ca. 1 mile below NC 905, [ca. 35.4 kilometers SSE center Whiteville]4Neil Medlin, Mark Hale
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusBogue Swamp, 1.5 miles SE Hallsboro, [ca. 7.0 air miles ESE center Whiteville]13NCWRC
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusWaccamaw River, 12.9 kilometers below Lake Waccamaw, 3.2 kilometers E Old Dock, [ca. 21.8 kilometers SE center Whiteville]6Joseph R. Bailey and Zoo 226 students
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusBogue Swamp, at bridge on SR 1736 [Giles Byrd Road], [ca. 10.7 kilometers ESE center Whiteville]1Garnett W. Link, Fred C. Rohde, George H. Burgess, Kerry A. MacPherson, Steve W. Ross, David E. Fast
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusRoadside canal on Rte 130, 2 mi W of Brunswick Co line, 4.5 mi NW of Ash; Waccamaw River drainage2JR & M Bailey
S2G5Taillight ShinerNotropis maculatusColumbusLake Waccamaw (canal) at Big Cr.1Etnier et al.