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18 records are shown. [SciName like 'Notropis petersoni', county='Brunswick']
S rankG rankcomNamesciNamecountylocalitynumbercollector
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickWaccamaw River, 2.5 mi NNW Ash1Palmer, Louder & Davis
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickRoyal Oak Swamp, 1.3 mi N Supply, Hwy. 2111L.M. Page, P.A. Ceas, D.A. Carney, M.L. Warren & B.M. Burr
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickUCF2, INDIAN CREEK1
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickUCF2, INDIAN CREEK1
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickUCF2, INDIAN CREEK6
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickCFR1, CAPE FEAR RIVER, WILMINGTON AND ABOVE3
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickUCF2, INDIAN CREEK2
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickRoyal Oak Swp, NC 2115
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickBell Swamp Creek, US 17 [NC 87/Ocean Highway E] bridge, just N of Bell Swamp, 5.75 miles NE Bolivia, [ca. 10.6 air miles SW center Wilmington]5William M. Palmer, D Louder and JR Davis
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickWaccamaw River, 0.25 miles upstream from Highway 130 bridge, 2.5 miles NNW Ash144William M. Palmer, DE Louder and JR Davis
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswick[?=Middle Swamp, tributary to] Lockwood Folly River, 1.25 miles [SSW] of Bolivia, [ca. 17.1 air miles SW center Wilmington], [see remarks]1NCWRC
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickWaccamaw River, [ca.] 0.125 miles N of Reeves Ferry, [ca. 18.2 air miles ESE center of Tabor City]41NCWRC
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickLockwood Folly River, [at] SR 1501 [Gilbert Road], [ca. 1.8] kilometers SE NC 17 junction, [ca. 4.7] kilometers ENE Supply, [ca. 16.7 kilometers ENE center Shallotte]5M. Fedak and S226 class
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickBorrow pit, on NC 904 [Pireway Road], 1.6 [road] kilometer W Regan, [ca. 18.7 kilometers WNW center Shallotte], [see georeference remarks]1Joseph R. Bailey and S225 class
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickRoyal Oak Swamp at NC 211, [ca. 15.3 air miles NW Southport]5Bryn H. Tracy, Mark Hale, Neil Medlin, Tracy Morman
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickTown Creek, 2.0 miles E Town Creek (town), [ca. 7.8 air miles SW center Wilmington]18NCWRC (Louder, Phillips and Eagerton)
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickDew Creek [=Dews Creek], [at Daws Creek Road], [ca. 4.7 air] miles [ESE center] of Winnabow, [ca. 8.6 air miles SSW center Wilmington]5NCWRC
S4G5Coastal ShinerNotropis petersoniBrunswickBrunswick; Royal Oak Swamp Creek at NC Hwy 211, 1.4 mi NW of Supply (Lumber River)3E.F.Menhinick, D.Cloutman