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11 records are shown. [SciName like 'Notropis photogenis', county='Henderson']
S rankG rankcomNamesciNamecountylocalitynumbercollector
S3G5Silver ShinerNotropis photogenisHendersonFrench Broad River (=French Broad River at NC 191)12E. D. Cope
S3G5Silver ShinerNotropis photogenisHendersonMills R. at Hwy. 191 bridge at town of Mills River6Ernest Lachner; Edward Raney; James Kezer
S3G5Silver ShinerNotropis photogenisHendersonTrib. of French Broad R., 2.5 mi. SE of Mills River1Ernest Lachner; Edward Raney; James Kezer
S3G5Silver ShinerNotropis photogenisHendersonBoylston Cr. at Co. Rt. 1331 bridge, 1.25 mi. S of jct. 1331 & 1911Robert Denoncourt; D. Wallace; Bruce Menzel; David Thomas
S3G5Silver ShinerNotropis photogenisHendersonCane Cr, US 251
S3G5Silver ShinerNotropis photogenisHendersonMills River, 1 1/2 miles [WNW] Mills River Post Office, [ca. 14.7 kilometers NW center Hendersonville, see georeference remarks]7Joseph R. Bailey, E.C. Horn, A.E. Fullerton
S3G5Silver ShinerNotropis photogenisHendersonCane Creek at US 25, [ca. 12.1 kilometers NNW center Hendersonville]1Bryn H. Tracy, Tony Butz, J. Giorgino, Mark Hale
S3G5Silver ShinerNotropis photogenisHendersonMills River, 1.2 miles E of Mills River, [ca. 10.5 kilometers NW center Hendersonville]7Joseph R. Bailey, E.C. Horn
S3G5Silver ShinerNotropis photogenisHendersonCane Creek, Fletcher Community Park,3David Matthews
S3G5Silver ShinerNotropis photogenisHendersonMills River, 5.5mi S of Avery Creek, on Route 191, at Mills River, Tennesse River drainage2EC Raney & EA Lachner
S3G5Silver ShinerNotropis photogenisHendersonMills River, private farm 1.5 mi west of Mills River,1980' French Broad drainage1JR Bailey