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23 records are shown. [SciName like 'Noturus gyrinus', county='Brunswick']
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S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickPiney Grove Swamp1Albert Wright; Anna Wright
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickRoyal Oak Swamp, 1.3 mi N Supply, Hwy. 2111L.M. Page, P.A. Ceas, D.A. Carney, M.L. Warren & B.M. Burr
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickRoyal Oak Swp, NC 2112
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickWet Ash Swamp, 2.0 miles SW of Ash, [ca. 19.9 air miles ESE center Tabor City]45NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickBell Swamp Creek, US 17 [NC 87/Ocean Highway E] bridge, just N of Bell Swamp, 5.75 miles NE Bolivia, [ca. 10.6 air miles SW center Wilmington]7William M. Palmer, D Louder and JR Davis
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswick[?=Middle Swamp, tributary to] Lockwood Folly River, 1.25 miles [SSW] of Bolivia, [ca. 17.1 air miles SW center Wilmington], [see remarks]10NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickBeaverdam Bay [?=Pinch Gut Creek], [ca.] 3.0 [air] miles [WNW center] Bolivia, [ca. 17.6 air miles SW center Wilmington], [see remarks]1NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickWaccamaw River, [ca.] 0.125 miles N of Reeves Ferry, [ca. 18.2 air miles ESE center of Tabor City]17NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickRoyal Oak Swamp, at NC 211 [Green Swamp Road NW], [ca. 2.1] kilometers [NW] of Supply3Fred C. Rohde, David E. Fast, William S. Birkhead
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickShingletree Swamp, [ca. 2.7 air] miles W of Thomasboro, [ca. 21.6 air miles SE center Tabor City]5NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickSturgeon Creek, [at US 74/76], 1.25 miles S of Leland, [ca. 5.2 air miles WNW center Wilmington]4NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickCool Run, [ca. 2.3 air] miles E Grissettown, [ca. 4.7 air miles WSW center Shallotte]1NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickShingletree Creek, [ca. 3.6 kilometers NNW center Calabash]76Mary L. Moser, Fred C. Rohde, R. Macfayden
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickWet Ash Swamp at SR 1300 [Ash Little River Road NW], furthest from bridge, [ca. 10.6 air miles WNW center Shallotte]1Fred C. Rohde, ML Moser, et al.
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickRoyal Oak Swamp, tributary to Lockwood Folly River, on NC 211[Green Swamp Road], [2.1] kilometers [NW] Supply, [ca. 37.6 kilometers SW center Wilmington]17Fred C. Rohde, Ronald M. Clayton
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickTown Creek, 2.0 miles E Town Creek (town), [ca. 7.8 air miles SW center Wilmington]3NCWRC (Louder, Phillips and Eagerton)
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickMill Creek, 1.0 miles NE of Mill Creek (town), [ca. 11.0 air miles SW center Wilmington]28NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickOrton Creek, off old NC 130 [NC 133, River Road SE], [ca. 0.5 miles WNW] of Orton Plantation , [ca. 10.4 air miles NNE center Southport]35NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickDew Creek [=Dews Creek], [at Daws Creek Road], [ca. 4.7 air] miles [ESE center] of Winnabow, [ca. 8.6 air miles SSW center Wilmington]3NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickRoyal Oak Swamp at NC 211 [Green Swamp Road], 1.3 air miles NNW Supply, [ca. 7.3 air miles NE center Shallotte]7Fred C. Rohde and Rudolf G. Arndt
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickRoyal Oak Swamp, at NC 211, 1.4 miles NW center Supply2Vince P. Schneider, Mark Hale, J Fisher, et al.
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickLockwood Folly River, [2.7 air] miles E of Supply, [ca. 13.4 air miles NW center Southport]2DM Davis and M Fedak
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusBrunswickRoyal Oak Swamp, at St Rte 211, 1.4 miles N of Supply.3Menhinick, Edward; Aquatic Biology Class