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21 records are shown. [SciName like 'Noturus gyrinus', county='Hertford']
S rankG rankcomNamesciNamecountylocalitynumbercollector
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordCR19, N.HOLIDAY IS-MOUTH BARNES CK.1
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertford63, WICCACON RIVER2
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordAhoskie Cr, NC 428
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordChinkapin Cr, SR 14322
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordPotecasi Creek, upstream of NC 11, [ca. 6.2 air miles NNW center Ahoskie], [see remarks]1TR Black, JV Loftis, RA Hailey
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordWiccacon River at [Harrellsville] [ca. 1.3 kilometers N center Harrellsville]2Michael E. Street
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordBlackwater River, 100 yards downstream from Virginia state line, [ca. 12.4 air miles NE center Murfreesboro]2NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordNottoway River, from Virginia line to confluence Blackwater River, [ca. 12.1 air miles NE center Murfreesboro]24NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordAhoskie Creek, at SR 1108 [Bonner Bridge Road] bridge, [ca. 3.6 kilometers W center Ahoskie]4n/k
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordMeherrin River, [ca.] 4.0 miles upstream from mouth, [ca.11.9 air miles N center Ahoskie]2NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordChinkapin Creek at CR 1417 [?=NC 561], [ca. 7.9 air miles E center Ahoskie]6NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordWiccacon River, off of CR 1400 [?=unnamed service road off of SR 1450/Pawnee Road], [ca. 3.5] miles upstream from mouth, [ca. 12.4 air miles ENE center Ahoskie], [see remarks]1NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordMeherrin River, at Mapleton, [ca. 19.3 kilometers NNW center Ahoskie]1Earl E. Deubler, Jr., Willian E. Fahy
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordAhoskie Creek, at SR 1108 [Bonner Ridge Road/Fire Tower Road], near Poor Town, [ca. 2.2 air miles W center Ahoskie]35PM Ruhl
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordCutawhiskie Creek at SR 1141 [Henry Brown Road], at Saint John, [ca. 6.3 air miles WNW center Ahoskie]1PM Ruhl
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordMeherrin River, [ca.] 2.0 miles downstream from US 258 [Virginia Boulevard] bridge , [ca. 2.5 air miles ENE center Murfreesboro]7NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordAhoskie Creek at NC 42, [ca. 0.9 air miles SW center Ahoskie]3Bryn H. Tracy, Lawrence E. Eaton, Eric Fleek, Neil Medlin
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordPotecasi Creek, ca. 5.0 miles upstream from mouth, [ca. 10.3 air miles N center Ahoskie]9NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordAhoskie Creek, [at SR 1108/Bonner Ridge Road/Fire Tower Road], near Poor Town, [ca. 2.2 air miles W center Ahoskie]5n/k
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordBrooks Creek, [ca.] 1.0 miles upstream from mouth, [ca. 9.3 air miles ENE center Ahoskie]9NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHertfordWiccacon River, [no further locality data available, see remarks]5NCWRC (McCoy)