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16 records are shown. [SciName like 'Noturus gyrinus', county='Hoke']
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S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeTuckahoe Creek, Fort Bragg Military Res., 0.75 mi below Lake MacArthur1P.J. Perea, P.B. Bayley, T. Krzyik, J. Stone & C. Dyson
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHoketrib. Lumber River, 2.5 mi NE Oak Hill2D.L. Swofford & R.D. Swofford
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeBuffalo Cr, SR 120310
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeMountain Cr, SR 12151
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeNicholson Cr, SR 13011
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeBig Raft Swamp, 4.0 miles NW Shannon, [ca. 17.2 air miles ENE center Laurinburg]1NCWRC (Louder and Mincey)
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeBuffalo Creek at SR 1203 [Turnpike Road], [ca. 7.2 air miles W Raeford]8Bryn H. Tracy, K Ashley, Nicole Flint, Kathy Herring, Neil Medlin
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeQuewhiffle Creek, 1.0 miles from US 15/US 501 and crossroads [?=SR 1225/Ashmont Road], [ca. 8.8 air miles S center Southern Pines]1NCWRC (Louder, et al.)
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeMountain Creek, on hard surface road [SR 1214/Calloway Road], [ca. 1.4 air] miles [NNW] of Five Points, [ca. 9.0 air miles WNW center Raeford]1NCWRC (Louder)
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeNicholson Creek, below the outfall of Mott Lake, [ca. 3.5 air miles N center Raeford]14NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeRockfish Creek, [at SR 1432, Golf Course Road], 3.0 miles SW Rockfish, [ca. 14.5 air miles SW center Fayetteville]3NCWRC (Louder, Phillips and Eagerton)
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeMountain Creek at SR 1219 (Army Road), 1.5 air miles SW McCain1Gabriela B. Mottesi, ME Savacool
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeLumber River, [ca. 1.6 air] miles NE of Oak Hill, [ca. 14.5 air miles NNE center Laurinburg]7NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokePuppy Creek at US 401, 3.0 miles W Cumberland County line, 4.7 air miles NW Rockfish, [ca. 6.1 air miles NE center Raeford]1Rudolf G. Arndt and KC Zippel
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHokeLumber River, ca 3 mi SE of Wagram, at Riverton community.3Gilbert, Carter; et al.
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusHoke17 mi W. of Rockfish15Robert W. Griffith