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17 records are shown. [SciName like 'Noturus gyrinus', county='Pender']
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S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderTrib. of Holly Shelter Cr., 12 mi. S of Pender Co. line on NC 53, 2.9 mi. NE of NE Cape Fear R.26Edward Raney; Charles Robins; John New; Bruce Collette; et al.
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderLyon Creek, [at SR 1103, Heading Bluff Road], 9.5 miles SSE Atkinson, [ca. 16.4 air miles NW Wilmington]125NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderShaken Creek, 2.0 miles upstream from confluence with [Holly] Shelter Creek, [ca. 10.5 air miles ENE center Burgaw]23NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderNortheast Cape Fear River, [US 117/SR 133/Castle Hayne Road] at Castle Hayne, [ca. 10.0 air miles NNE center Wilmington]9NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderRockfish Creek, at Wallace, [ca. 12.1 air miles NNW center Burgaw]1NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderCypress Creek, SR 1216 [Piney Wood Road], 2.75 air miles NE Wards Corner3Vince P. Schneider, Harold Quidley, J Fisher, S Allen
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderMerricks Creek, NC 210 bridge, [ca. 17.3 air miles NNE center Wilmington]1NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderWhite Oak Creek, ca. 3.0 miles [NW] Piney Wood, [ca. 12.3 air miles WNW center Burgaw]11NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderColvins Creek at NC 53/NC 11, [ca. 2.4 air] miles [SSW center] Atkinson53NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderMoores Creek, ca 1.5 miles [SSW] Piney Grove, [ca. 10.4 air miles W center Burgaw]30NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderLong Creek, ca. 2.0 miles downstream from NC 210 bridge, [ca. 14.1 air miles NNW center Wilmington]3NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderNortheast Cape Fear River, near US 117 [SR 133/Castle Hayne Road] bridge at Castle Hayne, [ca. 10.0 air miles NNE center Wilmington]4NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderPond near mouth of Black River, [ca. 16.7 kilometers E center Riegelwood]1Pranofich
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderDoctors Creek, county road [?=SR 1305/Doctors Creek Road/SR 1155/Shaw Road] bridge, [ca. 3.6 air] miles [WSW] of Wallace, [ca. 14.2 air miles NNW center Burgaw], [see remarks]8NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderCypress Creek, 3.0 miles E of Piney Wood, [ca. 6.7 air miles W center Burgaw]1NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderHarrisons Creek, at NC 210 bridge, [ca. 15.3 air miles NE center Wilmington]1NCWRC
S5G5Tadpole MadtomNoturus gyrinusPenderNortheast Cape Fear River, 2.0 miles upstream from NC 210 bridge, [ca. 17.6 air miles NNE center Wilmington]3NCWRC