Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

62 records for Ambloplites rupestris in Buncombe County.

459562CentrarchidaeFrench Broad River - Tennessee River, Bent Cr., below Lake Powhatan, 2.7 airmi WNWBuncombe35.500661-82.5994488/17/1972Seehorn, HarshbargerAUMTracy et al.
464181CentrarchidaeNorth Fork Ivy Cr., 2 mi. E of Barnardsville along NC 197Buncombe35.786639-82.42402510/10/1953L. Outten; R. HughesCUMVTracy et al.
623651CentrarchidaeSwannanoa R, US 25Buncombe35.56805556-82.545833336/28/1993NCDWRTracy et al.
624342CentrarchidaeIvy Cr, SR 2207Buncombe35.7913894-82.53894811/17/1993NCDWRTracy et al.
624353CentrarchidaeReems Cr, NC 251Buncombe35.69472222-82.6136111111/17/1993NCDWRTracy et al.
632821CentrarchidaeS Hominy Cr, NC 151/SR 3449Buncombe35.533495-82.6915414/9/1997NCDWRTracy et al.
632853CentrarchidaeFlat Cr, SR 1742Buncombe35.71777778-82.624444444/10/1997NCDWRTracy et al.
634833CentrarchidaeHominy Cr, NC 151Buncombe35.535881-82.6924899/17/1997NCDWRTracy et al.
634841CentrarchidaeReems Cr, NC 251Buncombe35.69472222-82.613611119/17/1997NCDWRTracy et al.
634918CentrarchidaeIvy Cr, SR 2207Buncombe35.791389-82.5389489/18/1997NCDWRTracy et al.
648951CentrarchidaeNewfound Cr, SR 1641Buncombe35.66611111-82.634166676/17/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
6489625CentrarchidaeTurkey Cr, SR 1629Buncombe35.70472222-82.668888896/17/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
649024CentrarchidaeFlat Cr, SR 1742Buncombe35.71777778-82.624444446/18/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
649036CentrarchidaeIvy Cr, SR 2207Buncombe35.7913894-82.53894846/18/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
649048CentrarchidaeReems Cr, NC 251Buncombe35.69472222-82.613611116/18/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
6492914CentrarchidaeS Hominy Cr, NC 151/SR 3449Buncombe35.533495-82.6915419/23/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
649344CentrarchidaeHominy Cr, NC 151Buncombe35.53555556-82.6924899/24/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
652453CentrarchidaeS Hominy Cr, SR 1103Buncombe35.46666667-82.7608333311/12/2003NCDWRTracy et al.
657715CentrarchidaeS Hominy Cr, NC 151/SR 3449Buncombe35.533495-82.69154111/30/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
668241CentrarchidaeNewfound Cr, SR 1641Buncombe35.66611111-82.634166676/11/2007NCDWRTracy et al.
6682522CentrarchidaeTurkey Cr, SR 1629Buncombe35.70472222-82.668888896/11/2007NCDWRTracy et al.
668305CentrarchidaeBent Cr, off NC 191Buncombe35.5006616-82.59944646/12/2007NCDWRTracy et al.
668312CentrarchidaeHominy Cr, NC 151Buncombe35.53555556-82.6924896/12/2007NCDWRTracy et al.
668323CentrarchidaeS Hominy Cr, NC 151/SR 3449Buncombe35.533495-82.6915416/12/2007NCDWRTracy et al.
681043CentrarchidaeIvy Cr, SR 2207Buncombe35.791389-82.5389486/14/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
6811013CentrarchidaeFlat Cr, SR 1742Buncombe35.71777778-82.624444446/15/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
681116CentrarchidaeReems Cr, NC 251Buncombe35.69472222-82.613611116/15/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
6811240CentrarchidaeTurkey Cr, SR 1629Buncombe35.70472222-82.668888896/15/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
681458CentrarchidaeHominy Cr, NC 151Buncombe35.53555556-82.6924896/27/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
681554CentrarchidaeBent Cr, off NC 191Buncombe35.5006616-82.59944646/28/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
6815628CentrarchidaeS Hominy Cr, NC 151/SR 3449Buncombe35.533495-82.6915416/28/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
681631CentrarchidaeNewfound Cr, SR 1641Buncombe35.66611111-82.634166677/16/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
681642CentrarchidaeSwannanoa R, SR 2435Buncombe35.60166667-82.408333337/16/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
681691CentrarchidaeAvery Cr, off SR 3498Buncombe35.456389-82.5683337/17/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
698011CentrarchidaeSandymush Creek, at Buncombe County Highway 1629 [Old NC 20], [3.6] air miles NW center AlexanderBuncombe35.7347-82.6949996922-Aug-67FF Snelson, William M. Palmer and JH HuntNCSMTracy et al.
698181CentrarchidaeFrench Broad River, river mile 159.3, off Clayton Road, 1.75 air miles N town of Avery CreekBuncombe35.4909-82.580001837-Jul-77TVA (D Harned, et al.)NCSMTracy et al.
698231CentrarchidaeFrench Broad River, reservoir above Craggy Dam, Asheville (river mile 142.3)Buncombe35.6431-82.6000976613-Jul-77TVA (D Harned, et al.)NCSMTracy et al.
698276CentrarchidaeSwannanoa River off Rt. 81 above Biltmore Bleachery, 1.7 air miles WSW OteenBuncombe35.5713-82.5373001120-Oct-87Vince P. Schneider, Harold Quidley, J Fisher, Dave L. PenroseNCSMTracy et al.
698281CentrarchidaeSwannanoa River at NC 25, 1.9 air miles S center AshevilleBuncombe35.5677-82.546096820-Oct-87Vince P. Schneider, Harold Quidley, J Fisher, Dave L. PenroseNCSMTracy et al.
698291CentrarchidaeSwannanoa River at NC 25, 1.9 air miles S center AshevilleBuncombe35.5677-82.546096820-Oct-87Vince P. Schneider, Harold Quidley, J Fisher, Dave L. PenroseNCSMTracy et al.
698333CentrarchidaeSouth Hominy Creek, [near junction of] NC 151 [Pisgah Highway] & SR 3449 [North Beaverdam Road], [ca. 9.1 air miles WSW center Asheville]Buncombe35.5335-82.6915435823-Jul-92Mark Hale, T Cady, Dave L. PenroseNCSMTracy et al.
6983611CentrarchidaeHominy Creek, at Old Candler Town Road, [ca. 9.1 air miles WSW center Asheville]Buncombe35.53588-82.6924896223-Jul-92Mark Hale, T Cady, Dave L. PenroseNCSMTracy et al.
698383CentrarchidaeReems Creek at NC 251 and SR 1727 [Montello Road], 3.0 air miles W WeavervilleBuncombe35.69472-82.6136093117-Nov-93Vince P. Schneider, Mark Hale, J Fisher, E WilliamsNCSMTracy et al.
698392CentrarchidaeIvy Creek, at SR 2207 [Stockton Road], [ca. 2.5 air miles SSE center Mars Hill]Buncombe35.79139-82.5389480617-Nov-93Vince P. Schneider, Mark Hale, J Fisher, E WilliamsNCSMTracy et al.
698811CentrarchidaeTurkey Creek, SR 1629 [Old NC 20], [ca. 9.3 kilometers W center Weaverville]Buncombe35.70472-82.6688919117-Jun-02Bryn H. Tracy, Nicole Flint, Mark Hale, Tracy MormanNCSMTracy et al.
698904CentrarchidaeTurkey Creek at SR 1629 [Old NC 20], [ca. 5.8 air miles W center Weaverville]Buncombe35.70472-82.6688919111-Jun-07Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, S. Michelle Simonson, A RomingerNCSMTracy et al.
698981CentrarchidaeSwannanoa River below and above dam at Gashes Creek/Azalea roads off NC 81 (Swannanoa River Road), S side of Oteen, [ca. 3.2] air miles [ESE] center AshevilleBuncombe35.5819-82.4933013928-Aug-09Wayne C. Starnes, Bryn H. Tracy, E.M. Williams, G.L. DavisNCSMTracy et al.
699241CentrarchidaeIvy Creek, below Forks of Ivy, [ca. 10.9 kilometers N center Weaverville]Buncombe35.7911-82.5387268111-Jun-70n/kNCSMTracy et al.
699301CentrarchidaePaint Fork, [ca. 10.5 kilometers NE center Weaverville], [see remarks]Buncombe35.74493-82.4627075210-Jul-73n/kNCSMTracy et al.
699373CentrarchidaePaint Fork, [ca. 10.5 kilometers NE center Weaverville], [see remarks]Buncombe35.74493-82.4627075227-Jun-72Lora Milton Outten and studentsNCSMTracy et al.
699381CentrarchidaePaint Fork, [ca. 10.5 kilometers NE center Weaverville], [see remarks]Buncombe35.74493-82.462707528-Jun-71n/kNCSMTracy et al.
699691CentrarchidaeBent Creek, [at mouth, ca. 11.3 kilometers SSW center Asheville]Buncombe35.50183-82.59304047n/k May 1969Mike Fedak & PotterNCSMTracy et al.
789641CentrarchidaeCane Creek, along Co Rte 3136, 3.0 miles E of Arden.Buncombe35.459549-82.4656429/19/1981Menhinick, Edward; Limnology ClassUFTracy et al.
789651CentrarchidaeCane Creek, below Co Rte 2800, 1.5 miles NW of Fairview.Buncombe35.532558-82.4079149/19/1981Menhinick, Edward; Limnology ClassUFTracy et al.
789831CentrarchidaeSwannanoa River, below St Rte 25, 3.7 miles WSW of Oteen.Buncombe35.567899-82.5456289/20/1981Menhinick, Edward; Limnology ClassUFTracy et al.
790407CentrarchidaeN Branch of Swannanoa River, 2 mi E of Swannanoa, just N of US 70; Mississippi drainage, via French BroadBuncombe35.603255-82.365168/31/1934RM & JR BaileyUMMZTracy et al.
790411CentrarchidaeSwannanoa River, just below Swannanoa; Mississippi drainage via French Broad etc.Buncombe35.603321-82.3946818/31/1934R & J BaileyUMMZTracy et al.
791061CentrarchidaeCane Creek, trib to French Broad, 0.25 mi N of Henderson County Line; French Broad drainageBuncombe35.448248-82.4773846/24/1947JR BaileyUMMZTracy et al.
791151CentrarchidaeAvery Creek at Hwy 280 crossing, 2090 ftBuncombe35.452103-82.5735717/7/1947JR Bailey & crewUMMZTracy et al.
791164CentrarchidaeFrench Broad River at Buck Shoals near mouth of Avery Creek; French Broad drainageBuncombe35.45178-82.5567357/8/1947JR Bailey & crewUMMZTracy et al.
792351CentrarchidaeSwannanoa River near Aheville, from near railway station to ca. 2 mi higher; French Broad River dr. *Buncombe35.579088-82.516496Jordan, Jenkins & MeekUMMZTracy et al.
795282CentrarchidaeSouth Fork Swannanoa River (Flat Creek) at Black Mountain StationBuncombe35.612645-82.32046308/21/1888Jordan, Jenkins, MeekUSNMTracy et al.