Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

27 records for Ambloplites rupestris in Henderson County.

457661CentrarchidaeFrench Broad River (=French Broad River at NC 191)Henderson35.374252-82.5391071869E. D. CopeANSPTracy et al.
4576710CentrarchidaeFrench Broad River (=French Broad River at NC 191)Henderson35.374252-82.5391071869E. D. CopeANSPTracy et al.
623713CentrarchidaeMills R, SR 1337Henderson35.39861111-82.5956/29/1993NCDWRTracy et al.
626202CentrarchidaeMills R, SR 1337Henderson35.39861111-82.59510/19/1994NCDWRTracy et al.
634671CentrarchidaeBoylston Cr, SR 1314Henderson35.3753613-82.54910759/15/1997NCDWRTracy et al.
6346811CentrarchidaeMills R, SR 1337Henderson35.39861111-82.5959/15/1997NCDWRTracy et al.
634721CentrarchidaeCane Cr, US 25Henderson35.42194444-82.504166679/16/1997NCDWRTracy et al.
646344CentrarchidaeClear Cr, SR 1513Henderson35.35361111-82.4444444410/2/2001NCDWRTracy et al.
648814CentrarchidaeBoylston Cr, SR 1314Henderson35.3753613-82.54910756/4/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
648823CentrarchidaeCane Cr, US 25Henderson35.42194444-82.504166676/4/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
648831CentrarchidaeMud Cr, SR 1647Henderson35.32472222-82.45256/4/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
668403CentrarchidaeS Fk Mills R, SR 1340Henderson35.375555-82.6141676/13/2007NCDWRTracy et al.
681701CentrarchidaeBoylston Cr, SR 1314Henderson35.375361-82.5491087/17/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
681713CentrarchidaeCane Cr, US 25Henderson35.42194444-82.504166677/17/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
681847CentrarchidaeN Fk Mills R, SR 1341Henderson35.393889-82.6244447/18/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
681853CentrarchidaeS Fk Mills R, SR 1340Henderson35.375555-82.6141677/18/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
698171CentrarchidaeFrench Broad River, river mile 179.8, mouth Big Willow Creek, 2.0 air miles SE EtowahHenderson35.3009-82.5652999916-Aug-77TVA (D Harned, et al.)NCSMTracy et al.
698244CentrarchidaeSouth Fork Mills River near church off County Road 1338 [South Mills River Road], 0.2 road miles W junction County Road 1341 [Whitaker Lane], 2.75 air miles WSW Mills River (town)Henderson35.3784-82.6151962328-Apr-79Alvin L. Braswell, Raymond E. AshtonNCSMTracy et al.
698324CentrarchidaeBoylston Creek at SR 1314 [Ladson Road], 1.6 air miles SE Mills River (town)Henderson35.37528-82.5497207623-Jul-92Mark Hale, T Cady, Dave L. PenroseNCSMTracy et al.
698411CentrarchidaeMills River at SR 1353 [Hooper Lane], [ca. 1.9 kilometers E center Mills River (town)]Henderson35.38667-82.5461120619-Oct-94Vince P. Schneider, Mark Hale, Nancy Guthrie, Dave Lenat, M. Parker, P. WhiteNCSMTracy et al.
698422CentrarchidaeMills River off SR 1337 [Williams McKinney Road], 1.6 air miles WNW Mills River (town)Henderson35.39861-82.5950012219-Oct-94Vince P. Schneider, Mark Hale, Nancy Guthrie, Dave Lenat, M Parker, P WhiteNCSMTracy et al.
698551CentrarchidaeSouth Fork Mills River, 4.8 kilometers [WSW] of Mills River, [ca. 15.5 kilometers WNW center Hendersonville]Henderson35.37473-82.617340099-Jul-49Joseph R. Bailey, J.R. CharlesNCSMTracy et al.
698801CentrarchidaeBoylston Creek at SR 1314 [Ladson Road], [ca. 10.2 kilometers NW center Hendersonville]Henderson35.37528-82.549720764-Jun-02Bryn H. Tracy, Tony Butz, J. Giorgino, Mark HaleNCSMTracy et al.
782721CentrarchidaeGreen River 7 mi. SE Hendersonville, Hwy. 176.Henderson35.235-82.3958/28/1962J.S. RamseyTUTracy et al.
783802CentrarchidaeHenderson; Cane Creek at NC Hwy 25, 0.6 mi SSW of FletcherHenderson35.4225-82.50555563/14/1981E.F. & P.M. MenhinickUAICTracy et al.
785732CentrarchidaeHenderson; Cane Creek just above French Broad River, 2.2 mi SW of FletcherHenderson35.4069444-82.53083339/20/1981E.F. Menhinick, Limnology ClassUAICTracy et al.
789972CentrarchidaeMills River, at Co Rte 1353, 1.3 miles E of Mills River (community).Henderson35.38714-82.5460669/26/1987Menhinick, Edward; Limnology ClassUFTracy et al.