Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

3 records for Ameiurus brunneus in Forsyth County.

1411212Ictaluridae[Yadkin River] from NC 67 to SR 1565 [lat/long taken from middle of 4.81 mile long segment], [ca. 12.3 air miles NW center Winston-Salem]Forsyth36.1867-80.4400024405-06 July 1994Gerald B. Pottern, J Micke,y et al.NCSMTracy et al.
14130438IctaluridaeYadkin River, SR 67 [Reynolda Road] bridge to 3.0 kilometers below, [ca. 13.1-12.8 air miles NW-WNW center Winston Salem]Forsyth36.21614-80.432052617-Jul-78MF Corcoran and J BremerNCSMTracy et al.
1418932IctaluridaeTown Fork Creek just upstream of proposed dam, off SR 1912 [?= Bannertown Road], 1.4 air miles WSW Germanton, [ca. 10.9 air miles N center Winston Salem], [see remarks]Forsyth36.2575-80.255996711-Sep-95NCWRC (S Goodreau, J Mickey, et al.)NCSMTracy et al.