Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

43 records for Cyprinella galactura in Cherokee County.

1634354LeuciscidaePeachtree Cr, old US 64Cherokee35.0778007-83.97433616/15/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
1634618LeuciscidaeLittle Brasstown Cr, SR 1565Cherokee35.0334663-83.96262956/17/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
1641475LeuciscidaeMartin Cr, SR 1558Cherokee35.07541-84.0206173/23/2006NCDWRTracy et al.
1660976LeuciscidaeLittle Brasstown Cr, SR 1565Cherokee35.033466-83.962636/23/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
1661058LeuciscidaePeachtree Cr, old US 64Cherokee35.077801-83.9743366/23/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
1661155LeuciscidaeMartin Cr, SR 1558Cherokee35.07541-84.0206176/23/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
1687222LeuciscidaePeachtree Cr, old US 64Cherokee35.077801-83.9743367/8/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
1687304LeuciscidaeLittle Brasstown Cr, SR 1565Cherokee35.033466-83.962637/8/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
1687451LeuciscidaeRapier Mill Cr, off SR 1124Cherokee35.010297-84.142547/9/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
1730712LeuciscidaeValley River (RM 12.5) and lower Hyatt Creek by Fairview Road (SR 1515) off US 19/NC 141, 8.2 air miles NE MurphyCherokee35.1741-83.91619873Wayne C. Starnes, Robert E. Jenkins, A Fiumera, B PorterNCSMTracy et al.
1738403LeuciscidaeHiwassee River, RM 101.6-101.7, off US 64 and McCombs Road, 3.8 air miles ESE MurphyCherokee35.0641-83.97489929Wayne C. Starnes, Robert E. Jenkins, EM Scott, DC Matthews (TVA), M Cantrell (FWS), SJ Brown, et al. (F&W Associates)NCSMTracy et al.
1739502LeuciscidaeLittle Brasstown Creek, off Martin Creek Road [=Folk School Road/SR 1565], river mile 0.3, [ca. 5.5 air miles SE center Murphy]Cherokee35.03431-83.96200562TVA (AK Wales, CF Walton, KD Parr, RT Jett)NCSMTracy et al.
1746941LeuciscidaeValley River, off County Road 1515, 1.1 road miles E junction 1519, 0.75 air miles E MarbleCherokee35.1777-83.90779877William M. Palmer, Alvin L. Braswell and M SeehornNCSMTracy et al.
1752562LeuciscidaeLittle Brasstown Creek, at Folk School Road [SR 1565], [ca. 8.9 kilometers SE center of Murphy]Cherokee35.03347-83.96263123Bryn H. Tracy, M Vander Borg, S Homewood, J Aaron, N Maher, E WilliamsNCSMTracy et al.
1779123LeuciscidaeValley River, at Riverbend Campground, by US 19-74, RM 5, ca. 3.5 air miles NE MurphyCherokee35.1276-83.98220062Wayne C. Starnes, Katey D. Fitzpatrick, Robert E. Jenkins, AG Genderon, AB Branchaud, MC ClementsNCSMTracy et al.
1785922LeuciscidaeRogers Creek just above confluence with Valley R. by US 74-19-129 at Tomotla, 4.2 air miles NE MurphyCherokee35.136-83.97869873Wayne C. Starnes, Katey D. Fitzpatrick, Robert E. Jenkins, AA Coons, A Branchaud, A GendronNCSMTracy et al.
1807172LeuciscidaePeachtree Creek at old US 64, [ca. 3.5 air miles ESE center Murphy]Cherokee35.07766-83.9744873Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, Laura C. Gillespie, Nicole Flint, Allison L. PriceNCSMTracy et al.
1809382LeuciscidaeValley River at Route 74 bridge, just SW of MarbleCherokee35.1681-83.93049622Morgan E. Raley, Robert E. Jenkins and B PorterNCSMTracy et al.
1809482LeuciscidaeValley River at Robbinsville Road in Andrews, ballpark bridge and downstreamCherokee35.2054-83.81780243Morgan E. Raley, B Proctor, and Robert E. JenkinsNCSMTracy et al.
1824458LeuciscidaeLittle Brasstown Creek, at SR 1565 [Folk School Road], [ca. 8.9 kilometers SE center Murphy]Cherokee35.03347-83.96263123Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, Nicole Flint, Laura C. Gillespie, Allison L. PriceNCSMTracy et al.
1878585LeuciscidaeLittle Brasstown Creek at SR 1565 [Folk School Road], [ca. 5.5 air miles SE center Murphy]Cherokee35.03355-83.96271515Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, S. Michelle Simonson, Tony ButzNCSMTracy et al.
1878636LeuciscidaePeachtree Creek at old US 64, [ca. 3.5 air miles ESE center Murphy]Cherokee35.07766-83.9744873Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, S. Michelle Simonson, Tony ButzNCSMTracy et al.
1878705LeuciscidaeMartin Creek at SR 1558 [Harshaw Road], [ca. 1.2 air miles SE center Murphy]Cherokee35.07531-84.02055359Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, S. Michelle Simonson, Tony ButzNCSMTracy et al.
1879465LeuciscidaeMartin Creek at SR 1558, [Harshaw Road], [ca. 1.2 air miles SE center Murphy]Cherokee35.07531-84.02055359Bryn H. Tracy, L Ausley, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, Patricia MacPherson, Mike WaltersNCSMTracy et al.
1917371LeuciscidaeValley River off CR 1515 [Fairview Road], 1.1 road miles ENE junction 1515 & 1519, 0.75 air miles E MarbleCherokee35.1776-83.90799713FF Snelson and William M. PalmerNCSMTracy et al.
1942481LeuciscidaePeachtree Creek at Rt 64 bridge, 3.6 air mi ESE MurphyCherokee35.07793333-83.9746755/20/1995Jenkins, classRCICTracy et al.
1942791LeuciscidaeValley River RM 0.6-1.2, at Murphy, Konahete ParkCherokee35.09104444-84.029077786/12/2002Jenkins, Kwak, Malindzak, WinesettRCICTracy et al.
1944226LeuciscidaeValley River at Andrews Hwy. 19 & 129, upstream.Cherokee35.22417-83.74472R.D. Suttkus & Francis RoseTUTracy et al.
19484822LeuciscidaeValley River trib. to Hiwassee River on W side of Andrews, Hwy. 19 & 129.Cherokee35.22417-83.74472R.D. Suttkus & J.S. RamseyTUTracy et al.
1949333LeuciscidaeValley River & trib. 4.6 mi. SW Marble on Hwy. 19 & 129.Cherokee35.13194-83.98473J.S. Ramsey & K.G. CoutureTUTracy et al.
1959356LeuciscidaeCherokee; Valley River at Levis Road, 2.7 mi NE of MurphyCherokee35.1033333-84.0108333D.A. NeelyUAICTracy et al.
1975144LeuciscidaeNW part of Andrews city limits, US 19, 1 mi W of center of town, Hiwassee - Tennessee drainageCherokee35.202792-83.8403989/6/1939RM & MK BaileyUMMZTracy et al.
1975151LeuciscidaeNottely River at hwy 64 bridgeCherokee35.027444-84.1147589/6/1939Shields, Jones, EastwoodUMMZTracy et al.
1975193LeuciscidaeMouth of Beaver Dam Creek in impounded waters of Hiwassee ReservoirCherokee35.16768-84.1643729/6/1939Shields, Jones, EastwoodUMMZTracy et al.
1975292LeuciscidaeValley River below Andrews at city limitsCherokee35.204727-83.8310549/7/1939Shields, Jones, EastwoodUMMZTracy et al.
19753164LeuciscidaeValley River above Andrews, from bridge at prison camp to above swimming holeCherokee35.204727-83.8310549/7/1939Shields, Jones, EastwoodUMMZTracy et al.
1975347LeuciscidaeHanging Dog Creek from old bridge to above new bridge in Hiwassee Reservoir areaCherokee35.11167-84.0681169/7/1939Shields, Jones, EastwoodUMMZTracy et al.
1975453LeuciscidaePersimmon Creek below new bridge in Hiwassee Reservoir areaCherokee35.058105-84.1689369/8/1939Shields, Jones, EastwoodUMMZTracy et al.
1979633LeuciscidaeValley River, 1.5 mi E of Andrews, 1800 ft; Hiawassee drainageCherokee35.203704-83.7935877/23/1947JR Bailey crewUMMZTracy et al.
1979752LeuciscidaeValley River, 0.5 mi S of Marble, 1655 ftCherokee35.1701-83.9228887/24/1947JR Bailey crewUMMZTracy et al.
19985817LeuciscidaeValley R., RM 14.0Cherokee35.180565-83.9004225/23/1994TVA, Matthews, PickettUTTracy et al.
1998753LeuciscidaeHiwassee RM 77 in Reservoir forebay along side Fowler BendCherokee35.16421-84.177289/27/1994TVAUTTracy et al.
2000903LeuciscidaeValley R., at Happy Valley Campground off US 29Cherokee35.122445-83.9906788/2/2016EEB 461UTTracy et al.