Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

14 records for Cyprinella labrosa in Surry County.

1513182LeuciscidaeFisher Cr. at Rt. 601 bridge, 8 mi. SW of jct. 601 & 52 in Mount AirySurry36.411981-80.68896311/21/1967Robert Denoncourt; D. Wallace; Bruce Menzel; David ThomasCUMVTracy et al.
1513295LeuciscidaeMitchell R., trib. of Yadkin R., 6 mi. S of Zephyr at Co. Rt. 1001 bridgeSurry36.3111-80.80643711/22/1967Robert Denoncourt; D. Wallace; Bruce MenzelCUMVTracy et al.
1620082LeuciscidaeLittle Fisher R, SR 1480Surry36.462227-80.7424616/20/2001NCDWRTracy et al.
1620164LeuciscidaeFisher R, SR 1331Surry36.45611111-80.816666676/20/2001NCDWRTracy et al.
1620332LeuciscidaeToms Cr, SR 2024Surry36.3860715-80.52985516/21/2001NCDWRTracy et al.
1713361LeuciscidaeMitchell River, at US 268 bridge, [ca. 4.9 air miles ENE center Elkin]Surry36.27753-80.77071381NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
17290425LeuciscidaeRoaring Fork [?=Fisher River], between Warrior and Skull Camp Mountains, 5.6 kilometers SE Low Gap, [see georeference remarks]Surry36.48243-80.83428955Joseph R. Bailey, V. Hutchison, S.A. EarleNCSMTracy et al.
1847171LeuciscidaeFisher River, near Fairview, 5 miles above mouth, [ca. 22.2 kilometers SSW center Mount Airy]Surry36.3136-80.69906616NCWRC Survey CrewNCSMTracy et al.
1848942LeuciscidaeLittle Fisher River at SR 1480 [Haystack Road], [ca. 7.9 air miles SW center Mount Airy]Surry36.46194-80.74222565Bryn H. Tracy, Eric Fleek, J Giorgino, Neil MedlinNCSMTracy et al.
1849014LeuciscidaeFisher River at SR 1331 [Haystack Road], [ca. 12.0 air miles SSW center Mount Airy]Surry36.45611-80.81666565Bryn H. Tracy, Eric Fleek, J Giorgino, Neil MedlinNCSMTracy et al.
1858742LeuciscidaeToms Creek at SR 2024 [Toms Creek Road], [ca. 8.9 air miles SE Mount Airy]Surry36.38556-80.53055573Bryn H. Tracy, Eric Fleek, J Giorgino, Neil MedlinNCSMTracy et al.
194109LeuciscidaeFisher River at Rt. 268; 1.7 miles east of Rt. 601Surry36.339573-80.685251L. T. McGeehan, M. CoburnOSUMTracy et al.
194110LeuciscidaeTributary of Yadkin River (Mitchell River) at Route 268; 5 miles west of Route 601Surry36.27731-80.770586L. T. McGeehan, M. CoburnOSUMTracy et al.
1987512LeuciscidaeMitchell River 5.4 mi. N.E. of Elkin, On NC 268Surry36.277358-80.7707134/3/1952Lachner, Ernest A. Leapley Schwartz, Frank J.USNMTracy et al.