Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

7 records for Cyprinella pyrrhomelas in Forsyth County.

1502859LeuciscidaeMuddy Cr., 1 mi. W of BethaniaForsyth36.17152-80.3431684/6/1947Edward Raney; Royal Suttkus; Robert RossCUMVTracy et al.
16186315LeuciscidaeS Fk Muddy Cr, SR 2902Forsyth36.00611111-80.301944444/30/2001NCDWRTracy et al.
1644383LeuciscidaeS Fk Muddy Cr, SR 2902Forsyth36.00611111-80.301944446/5/2006NCDWRTracy et al.
17218314LeuciscidaeSouth Fiddler Creek [=South Fork], county road [?=SR 2931/Follansbee Road] E of NC 150 [Peters Creek Parkway], [ca. 5.5 air miles S center Winston-Salem]Forsyth36.01978-80.24704742NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
17339032Leuciscidae[Yadkin River] from NC 67 to SR 1565 [lat/long taken from middle of 4.81 mile long segment], [ca. 12.3 air miles NW center Winston-Salem]Forsyth36.1867-80.44000244Gerald B. Pottern, J Micke,y et al.NCSMTracy et al.
1871371LeuciscidaeMuddy Creek, Rt. 158, 1.5 air miles E ClemmonsForsyth36.0247-80.35449982Vince P. Schneider, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
19189114LeuciscidaeSouth Fork Muddy Creek at SR 2902 [Ebert Road], [ca. 3.7 air miles SSE center Clemmons]Forsyth36.00611-80.30194092Bryn H. Tracy, Patricia MacPherson, Neil Medlin, Cathy TyndallNCSMTracy et al.