Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

12 records for Dormitator maculatus in Carteret County.

1094541Eleotridae245RD; Isaac CreekCarteret34.902-76.667910905NCDMFNCDMFTracy et al.
109470PresentEleotridaeTown Creek, BeaufortCarteret34.719377-76.646635043321ScottScott A. Smith (NCDMF)Tracy et al.
109471PresentEleotridaeTown Creek, Circa intersection of Ricks Ave and Sherwood Blvd, BeaufortCarteret34.721495-76.648226043322ScottScott A. Smith (NCDMF)Tracy et al.
109472PresentEleotridaeUnnamed swamp, between NCDMF HQ, and Carteret Community CollegeCarteret34.722727-76.754432043223ScottScott A. Smith (NCDMF)Tracy et al.
109473PresentEleotridaeretention pondCarteret34.723-76.7504042617ScottScott A. Smith (NCDMF)Tracy et al.
109474PresentEleotridaerivulet going into retention pondCarteret34.724-76.75042617Scott and FritzScott A. Smith (NCDMF) and Fred C. Rohde (NOAA)Tracy et al.
109475PresentEleotridaeUnnamed Creek at the western end of Oak St, Morehead CityCarteret34.724497-76.765454043223ScottScott A. Smith (NCDMF)Tracy et al.
109476PresentEleotridaeCalico Creek (Newport River), near intersection of N 35th and Old Gate Rd, Morehead CityCarteret34.732499-76.753193042659ScottScott A. Smith (NCDMF)Tracy et al.
109477PresentEleotridaeUnnamed Creek (Newport River), circa intersection of Business Dr and Facility Dr, Morehead CityCarteret34.744401-76.806016042518ScottScott A. Smith (NCDMF)Tracy et al.
109478PresentEleotridaeDitch next to boat ramp, White Oak Shores Camping and RV ResortCarteret34.7697-77.142228041991ScottScott A. Smith (NCDMF)Tracy et al.
1095161EleotridaeTributary to Deer Creek, on N side of [NC] 24, [McLean Boulevard], [ca. 0.6 kilometer NE center Cape Carteret]Carteret34.69373-77.057456970214811 November 1977CJ SpearsNCSMTracy et al.
1095171EleotridaeHadnot Creek, on NC 58, approximately 5 miles N Swansboro, [ca. 9.2 kilometers NW center Bogue]Carteret34.7663-77.096099853515608 June 1976Fred C Rohde, David E Fast, G William Link, Glen L SafritNCSMTracy et al.