Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

29 records for Elassoma zonatum in Robeson County.

1090071ElassomatidaeBack Swp, SR 1003Robeson34.620405-79.19263733443NCDWRTracy et al.
1090081ElassomatidaeBack Swp, SR 1003Robeson34.620405-79.19263735150NCDWRTracy et al.
1090196Elassomatidae1.0 mi south southeast Buie, 7.0 mi southeast Red SpringsRobeson34.724715-79.13212323469J.R. Bailey & et al.AMNHTracy et al.
1090201ElassomatidaeBig Swamp (tributary of lumber river) on NC 211 crossing, 0.7 mile west of Bladen-Robeson county lineRobeson34.575261-78.85939625381R.D. Ross & R.D. RossAMNHTracy et al.
1090493ElassomatidaeLumber River, Canal Behind Cooling Pond, 3 mi SE LumbertonRobeson34.585205-78.97172821635Crossman, E. J.ROMTracy et al.
1090582ElassomatidaeRobeson; Ashpole Swamp Creek at co.rd. 2423 & 2519, 2.6 mi NNE of Rowland (Lumber River)Robeson34.5677778-79.25555569/25/1983E.F. Menhinick & Aquatic Biology ClassUAICTracy et al.
1090591ElassomatidaeRobeson; Back Swamp at Back Swamp Road, 12 km WSW of LumbertonRobeson34.6-79.10972228/23/2000D.A. Neely, S.L. PowersUAICTracy et al.
1090602ElassomatidaeRobeson; Back Swamp at US Hwy 301, ca. 9 km SW of LumbertonRobeson34.6238889-79.05833338/23/2000S.L. Powers, D.A. NeelyUAICTracy et al.
1090656ElassomatidaeBig Swamp Canal @ Old Whiteville/Old Lumberton Rd.Robeson34.479707-78.87789340101Hollingsworth, Hulsey, Niemiller, UT Ichthy. ClassUTTracy et al.
10907313ElassomatidaeLumber River at Old Red Springs Rd, ca. 1 mi NE MaxtonRobeson34.7468888889-79.3245555511/25/2010Thomson, A; Page, LawrenceUFTracy et al.
1092231ElassomatidaeWarwick Mill Run [=Jacob Swamp], [ca. 3.9 air] miles SE [center] LumbertonRobeson34.57479-78.964317321777309 June 1961NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1092261ElassomatidaeAshpole Swamp, [at US 301], [ca. 4.5 air miles WNW center] McDonald, [ca. 14.5 air miles WSW center Lumberton]Robeson34.5603-79.253898620605509 August 1960NCWRC (Louder and Mincey)NCSMTracy et al.
1092306ElassomatidaeBig Swamp, 0.5 miles above Lennons Bridge [SR 1002/Old Whiteville Road], [ca. 12.0 air miles SE center Lumberton]Robeson34.48476-78.874923706054727 June 1961NCWRC (Louder, Eagerton and Gulish)NCSMTracy et al.
1092393ElassomatidaeSaddletree Swamp, [ca.] 5.0 [air] miles [NNW center] LumbertonRobeson34.68868-79.028793334960916 August 1960NCWRC (Louder)NCSMTracy et al.
10927337ElassomatidaeHog Swamp, 5.0 miles S of Fairmont, [ca. 14.6 air miles SSW center Lumberton]Robeson34.42454-79.110038757324223 June 1961NCWRC (Louder and Mincey)NCSMTracy et al.
1092752ElassomatidaeLumber River, [ca. 2.9 air] miles S of Moss Neck, [ca. 8.2 air miles W center Lumberton]Robeson34.626-79.152999877929723 August 1960NCWRC (Louder and Mincey)NCSMTracy et al.
1093042ElassomatidaeTen Mile Swamp at Rt. 301, 7.5 air miles N center LumbertonRobeson34.7264-78.989601135253918 October 1976John E. CooperNCSMTracy et al.
10930611ElassomatidaeLumber River, off end SR 1461 [Sycamore Church Road], 7.0 miles E LaurinburgRobeson34.77388-79.330886840820328-29 July 1987Alvin L. Braswell, Vince P. Schneider, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
1093111ElassomatidaeBack Swamp at SR 1003 [N Chicken Road], 3.0 air miles N center Raynham, [ca. 10.5 air miles W center Lumberton]Robeson34.62028-79.193611145019524 July 1991Vince P. Schneider, J Fisher, P Low, J GeorginoNCSMTracy et al.
1093122ElassomatidaeAshpole Creek at SR 2455 [E Raynham Road], 4.5 air miles SW FairmontRobeson34.44667-79.166114807128925 July 1991Vince P. Schneider, Harold Quidley, J Fisher, P Low and J GeorginoNCSMTracy et al.
1093315ElassomatidaeBig Swamp, S of NC 211, at railroad bridge, [ca. 9.1 air miles ESE center Lumberton]Robeson34.56472-78.862777709960917 May 2004GS GrantNCSMTracy et al.
1093392ElassomatidaeRoadside ditch at SR 2256 (Fair Bluff Road), 2.5 air miles NNW FairbluffRobeson34.33972-79.059165954589816 July 1996Gabriela B. Mottesi, Joh M. Alderman, Mara E. Savacool, SD KirkNCSMTracy et al.
1093411ElassomatidaeAshpole Swamp at Olivet Church Road (SR 2258) [1.2 air miles SW Marietta]Robeson34.38485-79.098899841308619 November 1999BT Watson, AH FullertonNCSMTracy et al.
1093559ElassomatidaeBig Marsh Swamp 2.0 miles W of Saint Pauls, [ca. 13.4 air miles N center Lumberton]Robeson34.81157-79.005836486816410 August 1961NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
10936311ElassomatidaeAshpole Swamp, [ca. 0.7 air] miles NE of White Pond, [ca. 14.8 air miles SE center Lumberton]Robeson34.44886-79.166816711425823 June 1961NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1094101ElassomatidaePond at S side Lumber River, at NC 71 [Red Springs Road], [ca. 4.5] kilometers [NNE] Maxton, [see georeference remarks]Robeson34.77305-79.3315429687503 April 1966Joseph R. Bailey and studentsNCSMTracy et al.
1094114Elassomatidae[Little] Jacob Swamp, at NC 41, [ca. 3.0 air miles SW center Lumberton]Robeson34.58852-79.047340393066412 July 2012Brena K. Jones, JL FowlerNCSMTracy et al.
1094291ElassomatidaeBack Swamp, SR 1003 [N Chicken Road], [ca. 16.8 kilometers W center Lumberton]Robeson34.6204-79.192634582519526 March 1996Bryn H. Tracy, Mark Hale, Dave Lenat, Dave PenroseNCSMTracy et al.
1094441ElassomatidaeAshpole Swamp, on SR 2519 [S Robeson Road], [ca. 6.6] kilometers W McDonald, [ca. 23.3 kilometers WSW center Lumberton]Robeson34.545-79.246879577636728 June 1975Fred C. Rohde, G. William Link, George H. Burgess, David E. Fast, Steve W. Ross, Kerry A. MacPhersonNCSMTracy et al.