Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

33 records for Esox niger in Pender County.

1153641EsocidaeTS2, TOPSAIL MARSHESPender34.381-77.633711105NCDMFTracy et al.
1153921EsocidaeNE45, SMITH CREEK TO LANE FERRYPender34.43889-77.82917021007NCDMFTracy et al.
1153931EsocidaeNE45, SMITH CREEK TO LANE FERRYPender34.43889-77.82917021216NCDMFTracy et al.
1153941EsocidaeNE45, SMITH CREEK TO LANE FERRYPender34.43889-77.82917030121NCDMFTracy et al.
1153952EsocidaeNE45, SMITH CREEK TO LANE FERRYPender34.43889-77.82917030514NCDMFTracy et al.
1153964EsocidaeNE45, SMITH CREEK TO LANE FERRYPender34.43889-77.82917031015NCDMFTracy et al.
1153975EsocidaeNE45, SMITH CREEK TO LANE FERRYPender34.43889-77.82917040105NCDMFTracy et al.
1153983EsocidaeNE45, SMITH CREEK TO LANE FERRYPender34.43889-77.82917040430NCDMFTracy et al.
1153992EsocidaeNE45, SMITH CREEK TO LANE FERRYPender34.43889-77.82917040726NCDMFTracy et al.
1154001EsocidaeNE45, SMITH CREEK TO LANE FERRYPender34.43889-77.82917041026NCDMFTracy et al.
1154011EsocidaeNE45, SMITH CREEK TO LANE FERRYPender34.43889-77.82917050707NCDMFTracy et al.
1154022EsocidaeNE45, SMITH CREEK TO LANE FERRYPender34.43889-77.82917060404NCDMFTracy et al.
1154031EsocidaeUCF7, BELOW HWY 210Pender34.37333-78.07833030610NCDMFTracy et al.
1154041EsocidaeUCF7, BELOW HWY 210Pender34.37333-78.07833030731NCDMFTracy et al.
1154052EsocidaeUCF7, BELOW HWY 210Pender34.37333-78.07833031017NCDMFTracy et al.
1154061EsocidaeUCF7, BELOW HWY 210Pender34.37333-78.07833040107NCDMFTracy et al.
1154071EsocidaeUCF7, BELOW HWY 210Pender34.37333-78.07833050425NCDMFTracy et al.
1154083EsocidaeUCF7, BELOW HWY 210Pender34.37333-78.07833050708NCDMFTracy et al.
1154091EsocidaeUCF7, BELOW HWY 210Pender34.37333-78.07833060109NCDMFTracy et al.
1154101EsocidaeUCF3, MOUTH BLACK RIVERPender34.33806-78.04722030718NCDMFTracy et al.
1154111EsocidaeUCF3, MOUTH BLACK RIVERPender34.341-78.046030808NCDMFTracy et al.
1154121EsocidaeUCF3, MOUTH BLACK RIVERPender34.33806-78.04722031112NCDMFTracy et al.
1154132EsocidaeUCF3, MOUTH BLACK RIVERPender34.33806-78.04722040524NCDMFTracy et al.
1160301EsocidaeBurgaw Cr, US 117Pender34.56372-77.92247935934NCDWRTracy et al.
1171341EsocidaeNortheast Cape Fear River, Site B, [ca. 10.5 air miles NNE center Wilmington]Pender34.36781-77.8781127926-May-02GS GrantNCSMTracy et al.
1172135EsocidaeWhite Oak Creek, ca. 3.0 miles [NW] Piney Wood, [ca. 12.3 air miles WNW center Burgaw]Pender34.5966-78.135200520-Jul-62NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1172194EsocidaeMoores Creek, ca 1.5 miles [SSW] Piney Grove, [ca. 10.4 air miles W center Burgaw]Pender34.5464-78.1082000720-Jul-62NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1172513EsocidaeLyon Creek, [at SR 1103, Heading Bluff Road], 9.5 miles SSE Atkinson, [ca. 16.4 air miles NW Wilmington]Pender34.3919-78.148597721-Aug-62NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1172535EsocidaeBuckle Creek [=Buckle Swamp Creek], off SR [1107, Buckle Road], 9.0 miles SSW Atkinson, [ca. 18.6 air miles NW center Wilmington], [see remarks]Pender34.39748-78.194702151-Aug-62NCWRC (Louder, Phillips and Eagerton)NCSMTracy et al.
1172711EsocidaeNortheast Cape Fear River, near US 117 [SR 133/Castle Hayne Road] bridge at Castle Hayne, [ca. 10.0 air miles NNE center Wilmington]Pender34.3646-77.8976974520-Jun-62NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1172741EsocidaeNortheast Cape Fear River, [US 117/SR 133/Castle Hayne Road] at Castle Hayne, [ca. 10.0 air miles NNE center Wilmington]Pender34.3646-77.897697456-Jul-62NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1174081EsocidaeRoadside pond on NC 53, just beyond Northeast Cape Fear River, [ca. 7.4] kilometers NE BurgawPender34.60403-77.8752136227-Mar-60Joseph R. Bailey and studentsNCSMTracy et al.
1174132EsocidaeMerricks Creek on SR 210, [10.1] miles [SE] Burgaw, [ca. 27.8 kilometers NNE center Wilmington]Pender34.44683-77.802963263-Jul-63Joseph R. Bailey and S 225 studentsNCSMTracy et al.