Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

46 records for Etheostoma acuticeps in Yancey County.

2395223PercidaeCane River, 1 mi downstream from SiouxYancey36.013936-82.3338385/4/1979L.M. Page & W.L. KellerINHSTracy et al.
2395234PercidaeCane River, 1 mi downstream from SiouxYancey36.013936-82.3338386/9/1983L.M. PageINHSTracy et al.
2395246PercidaeCane River, 1.5 mi SE SiouxYancey36.016714-82.325744/28/1983L.M. Page & E.A. LisowskiINHSTracy et al.
2395254PercidaeCane River, at SiouxYancey36.015808-82.3514126/27/1983L.M. Page & K.S. CummingsINHSTracy et al.
24457718PercidaeCane R, off SR 1444Yancey36.002328-82.3489395/11/2010NCDWRTracy et al.
24457861PercidaeCane R, SR 1343 & SR 1417Yancey36.0255-82.32795/11/2010NCDWRTracy et al.
24457916PercidaeCane R, US 19W & SR 1417Yancey36.01583-82.3512825/11/2010NCDWRTracy et al.
24458023PercidaeCane R, US 19W & SR 1444Yancey36.000469-82.3577975/11/2010NCDWRTracy et al.
24857010PercidaeCane River, above SR 1343, near [North] Toe River, [ca. 1.9] miles E of SiouxYancey36.02518-82.327659619/24/1977Edward F. Menhinick and classNCSMTracy et al.
2485719PercidaeCane River, 300-1000 feet upstream SR 1343 bridge [White Oak Creek Road], [ca. 1.8] air miles ENE SiouxYancey36.02577-82.329986577/6/1991Rudolf G. Arndt, Fred C. RohdeNCSMTracy et al.
24857213PercidaeNorth Toe River at Route 197 and SR 1317 [Big Brushy Creek Road], 4.0 air miles [ENE] Day BookYancey36.0049-82.2362976110/3/1992Rudolf G. Arndt, Fred C. Rohde, D.G. Linquist, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
2485737PercidaeCane River below bridge in Ramseytown and along SR 1444, near Ramseytown, [ca. 10.6 kilometers NNW center Burnsville]Yancey36.0004-82.357490547/19/1993Rudolf G. Arndt, Fred C. Rohde, A.M. Teti, C.L. Rohde, M.J. SargentNCSMTracy et al.
248575127PercidaeCane River along SR 1417 [Old Providence Road], ca. 300-700 feet upstream SR 1343 bridge, [ca. 1.8] air miles [ENE] SiouxYancey36.02591-82.3284606910/2/1992Rudolf G. Arndt, Fred C. Rohde, J.F. Parnell, D.G. Lindquist, A.M. Teti, A.B. BraginNCSMTracy et al.
2485762PercidaeCane River along SR 1417 [Hunting Dale Road], 1.2 road miles downstream of junction with US 19W, at pull-off area, [ca. 11.8 kilometers NNW center Burnsville]Yancey36.01842-82.3386993411/6/1994Fred C. Rohde, Mary L. Moser, W.H.B.NCSMTracy et al.
24857716PercidaeCane River along SR 1417 [National Forest Road], above SR 1343 [Murphytown Road], near Sioux, [ca. 11.9 kilometers NNW center Burnsville]Yancey36.01985-82.339927679/4/1993Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
2485781PercidaeCane River at Route 19-W, [ca. 0.6] miles [ESE] SiouxYancey36.0157-82.351394659/4/1993Fred C. Rohde, Mary L. Moser, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
2485802PercidaeNorth Toe River, off of Lower Doebag Road (SR 1311), [ca. 6.4 air miles ENE center Burnsville]Yancey35.95028-82.193458569/13/2007Steve J. Fraley, JC Yonce, WT Russ, PL Rakes, JR ShuteNCSMTracy et al.
2485813PercidaeNorth Toe River at the end of road [SR 1314], beside railroad tracks, river mile 15.5, [ca. 2.4 air miles WSW Bakersville]Yancey36.00499-82.199089058/17/1999TVANCSMTracy et al.
2485824PercidaeCane River, at US 19W & SR 1417 [Huntdale Road], [ca. 31.1 air miles NNE center Asheville]Yancey36.01583-82.351280215/11/2010Bryn H. Tracy, Steve J. Fraley, A Rodgers, TR Russ, S. Michelle Simonson, E WilliamsNCSMTracy et al.
2485834PercidaeCane River, just upstream (ca. 300 feet) of a bridge over the river, at junction [of] SR 1417 [Hunting Dale Road] and 1343, and ca. 0.25 miles upstream of junction [with] North Toe River, [ca. 15.3 kilometers W center Bakersville]Yancey36.0255-82.327903757/3/1991Rudolf G. Arndt, Fred C. RohdeNCSMTracy et al.
24858411PercidaeCane River, 0.2 [road] miles [SSE] of US 19 W and SR 1417 [Hunting Dale Road], [ca. 7.1] miles NNW of BurnsvilleYancey36.01278-82.349281319/7/1980Edward F. Menhinick and classNCSMTracy et al.
24858514PercidaeCane River, below US 19 W, at junction with SR 1417 [Hunting Dale Road], 0.8 miles SE of Sioux, [see georeference remarks]Yancey36.01552-82.347862249/24/1977Edward F. Menhinick and classNCSMTracy et al.
2485868PercidaeCane River, along US 19 W, 400 [river] meters above 1343 bridge, [ca. 1.7] miles E of SiouxYancey36.02464-82.330650339/15/1985Edward F. Menhinick and classNCSMTracy et al.
25670811PercidaeNolichucky River, ,Yancey36.07778-82.34755/20/2002NCWRCTracy et al.
25670920PercidaeNolichucky River, Canoe Launch across RR Tracks, RM 106.8,Yancey36.07795-82.347698/13/1997NCWRCTracy et al.
256712121PercidaeNorth Toe River, ,Yancey36.005-82.198898/17/1999NCWRCTracy et al.
2567134PercidaeNorth Toe River, ,Yancey36.0052-82.19947/15/2004David MatthewsNCWRCTracy et al.
25671412PercidaeNorth Toe River, At The End Of Road Beside Rr Tracks,Yancey36.005-82.19917/21/2009NCWRCTracy et al.
2567152PercidaeNorth Toe River, End of Rd beside RR Tracks, RM 15.5,Yancey36.00499-82.199098/14/1997NCWRCTracy et al.
2567193PercidaeNorth Toe River, Lower Doe Bag Rd, SR 1311Yancey35.95028-82.193469/13/2007SJ Fraley, WT Russ, JC Yonce, JR Shute, PL RakesNCWRCTracy et al.
25672210PercidaeNorth Toe River, Toe River Rd./Bennet Dr., SR 1338/1342Yancey36.03567-82.296538/21/2007SJ Fraley,WT Russ, JC Yonce, Jake Rash, Bob BuffNCWRCTracy et al.
25672366PercidaeCane River, Above North Toe Confluence,Yancey36.0283-82.32696/23/2017LUCAS ETCHISON, Morgan Burchfiel, JEREMY DUNFEENCWRCTracy et al.
256724PresentPercidaeCane River, Lowest site off Hwy 19W, Hwy 19 WYancey36.01579-82.35149/10/2013Stephen J Fraley, William T Russ, Tiffany N Penland, Rachael A Hoch, John A FridellNCWRCTracy et al.
25672517PercidaeCane River, Off Dale Ernhardt Dr. below brdg. RM 5,Yancey36.00102-82.359448/6/1997NCWRCTracy et al.
25672629PercidaeCane River, Will Higgins Rd./Ramseytown, SR 1444Yancey36.00216-82.349166/5/2003S.J.Fraley, J.W. Mays, W.E. Taylor, B.M. BuffNCWRCTracy et al.
25672735PercidaeCane River, Will Higgins Rd./Ramseytown, SR 1444Yancey36.00247-82.3490410/10/2007SJ Fraley, WT Russ, JC YonceNCWRCTracy et al.
2567288PercidaeCane River, Will Higgins Road, 593073Yancey36.00216-82.349166/22/2017LUCAS ETCHISON, Morgan Burchfiel, Stephen J Fraley, Michael Perkins, Sydney AndersonNCWRCTracy et al.
25672926PercidaeCane River, Will Higgins Road, SR 1662Yancey36.00237-82.349077/10/2014William T Russ, ROBERT D MCKINNEY, Hans Robert Lohmeyer, Tiffany N PenlandNCWRCTracy et al.
2567334PercidaeNorth Toe River, Lower Doe Bag Road when it first hits the river, 1311Yancey35.95609-82.194246/29/2017LUCAS ETCHISON, Morgan Burchfiel, Michael Perkins, Sydney AndersonNCWRCTracy et al.
25673413PercidaeNorth Toe River, Pulloff on Hwy 197 @ Jacks Ck Conflu. Rm 7,Yancey36.00047-82.266718/15/1997NCWRCTracy et al.
2592471PercidaeCane R ar RamseytownYancey36.000528-82.3577118/6/1997TVAUTTracy et al.
2592485PercidaeCane R in downstream run below island below US-19W bridge, 22 rd mifrom Erwin (TN)Yancey36.018206-82.3387077/14/1977Beets, Bryant, RyonUTTracy et al.
25924911PercidaeCane R. at US 19W bridge and upstream, ~15 km SE ErwinYancey36.015808-82.3514127/9/1991Eisenhour, Myer, HeacockUTTracy et al.
2592503PercidaeCane R. at US 19W bridge and upstream, ~15 km SE ErwinYancey36.015808-82.3514128/2/2012Keck, HollingsworthUTTracy et al.
2592511PercidaeCane R. halfway btn. US 19W and cofl. with N Toe R.Yancey36.015767-82.3514079/23/1978Beets, Bryant, RyonUTTracy et al.
2592527PercidaeCane R. halfway btn. US 19W and cofl. with N Toe R.Yancey36.015767-82.3514079/23/1978Beets, Bryant, RyonUTTracy et al.