Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

10 records for Etheostoma chlorobranchium in Avery County.

2387925PercidaeNorth Toe River, 4-6 mi. above Spruce PineAvery35.971321-82.0194496/23/1930T. Kerr and J. G. CarlsonANSPTracy et al.
25744312PercidaeNorth Toe River at Rt 1107 bridge off Rt 19 E ri mi 47.4Avery35.96378611-82.030258336/27/1984Haxo, Briles, KimeRCICTracy et al.
25744418PercidaeNorth Toe River RM 43.2 off Rt 19E on Bent Rd, 4.2 airmi NE Spruce PineAvery35.94826667-82.006005566/27/1984Haxo, Briles, KimeRCICTracy et al.
2579718PercidaeAvery; North Toe River along Co. Rd. 1189 below a sand mine, 4.4 mi ENE of Spruce Pine (Nolichucky River)Avery35.9811111-82.01638899/14/1984E.F. Menhinick, et al.UAICTracy et al.
2579728PercidaeAvery; North Toe River along Co. Rd. 1103, 3.7 mi NE of Spruce Pine (Nolichucky River)Avery35.9483333-82.00638899/14/1984E.F. Menhinick, et al.UAICTracy et al.
2582972PercidaeNorth Toe River, along Co Rte 1103, 4.2 miles WNW of Spruce Pine.Avery35.95356-82.011939/6/1981Menhinick, Edward; Limnology ClassUFTracy et al.
2582981PercidaeNorth Toe River, along US 19E, 1.6 miles N of Ingalls.Avery35.981874-82.0157399/6/1981Menhinick, Edward; Limnology ClassUFTracy et al.
2589952PercidaeNorth Toe R. at jct of NC 19E and Avery Co. 1132 in Senia. Also trib.Avery36.063111-82.0141185/29/1964Collette, B., B. and Knapp, L. W.USNMTracy et al.
2589961PercidaeNorth Toe R. at Yellow Mountain Baptist Church on US 19E below dam at PlumtreeAvery36.022251-82.0129815/29/1964Collette, B., B. and Knapp, L. W.USNMTracy et al.
2593142PercidaeNorth Toe R. @ Spear, pulloff across from Henson Cr. Rd. ~ 16 km NNE of Spruce PineAvery36.02374-82.02233/30/2009Hollingsworth, KeckUTTracy et al.