Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

54 records for Etheostoma gutselli in Swain County.

2387501PercidaeOconaluftee river (Raven Fork), near Mingo Falls camping area off US 441Swain35.534206-83.2763044/14/1968R.W. BouchardAMNHTracy et al.
23920015PercidaeOconaluftee R. at CherokeeSwain35.476172-83.3197289/2/1953Robert Gibbs; P. CaswellCUMVTracy et al.
2394304PercidaeOconoluftee R. at Ela on Rt. 19, 3.5 mi. W of jct. 19 & 441Swain35.446505-83.3801188/11/1967Robert Denoncourt; D. WallaceCUMVTracy et al.
2394412PercidaeOconoluftee R. at Cherokee town line on Rt. 441, 0.2 mi. S of 441 & 19Swain35.475438-83.3198788/11/1967Robert Denoncourt; D. WallaceCUMVTracy et al.
2395663PercidaeTuckasegee River, ElaSwain35.452448-83.3939855/22/1980L.M. Page, W.L. Keller & L.E. CordesINHSTracy et al.
2397411PercidaeOconoluftee River on US 441 at CherokeeSwain35.472073-83.3140319/6/1964Cross, Frank B; Busey, Fred H; Judd, C EKUTracy et al.
2456735PercidaeConley Cr, SR 1183Swain35.42388889-83.369722226/2/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
2504582PercidaeOconoluftee River at Ela, on Rt. 19, 3.5 road miles W junction Rts.19 & 441Swain35.4568-83.36900338/11/1967RF Denoncourt and DC WallaceNCSMTracy et al.
2504671PercidaeLittle Tennessee River, off SR 1113 [Licklog Road], below swing bridge at NeedmoreSwain35.3251-83.523002629/25/1993Fred C. Rohde, Robert E. Jenkins, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
2504761PercidaeConnelly Creek at SR 1183 [Claude Brooks Road], [ca. 4.4 air miles ESE center Bryson City]Swain35.42389-83.369720466/2/2004Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, Laura C. Gillespie, Mark Hale, Allison L. PriceNCSMTracy et al.
2504815PercidaeTuckasegee River by US 19 at Ela canoe access (both sides of island), 3.6 air miles NE center of Bryson CitySwain35.4526-83.393600468/28/2009Wayne C. Starnes, Bryn H. Tracy, MJ LaVoie, EM WilliamsNCSMTracy et al.
2505311PercidaeConnelly Creek off SR 1177 [Conelys Creek Road], just north of SR 1183 [Claude Brooks Road], south of Whittier [ ca. 7.9 kilometers SW center Cherokee]Swain35.41979-83.3699798611/6/1979Jerry L. West, Biol 672 ClassNCSMTracy et al.
2574156PercidaeOconaluftee River at Ela on Rt 19 just S jct Rts 19-19ASwain35.450249-83.3891966/5/1968Zorach, JonesRCICTracy et al.
2576007PercidaeOconaluftee River at Ela, Hwy. 19.Swain35.44584-83.380557/19/1962R.D. Suttkus, J.S. Ramsey & W.T. MasonTUTracy et al.
2576015PercidaeTuckasegee River at Ela, just below mouth of Copper Creek.Swain35.45222-83.393614/25/1999H.L. Bart & K.R. PillerTUTracy et al.
2580234PercidaeSwain; Deep Creek at Ranger Station, N of Bryson CitySwain35.464167-83.43416710/15/1981J.L. Boaze (USFWS)UAICTracy et al.
2580242PercidaeSwain; Eagle Creek at confluence with Fontana Lake and upstream ca. 0.5 mi.Swain35.455556-83.7886118/5/1980USFWSUAICTracy et al.
25802510PercidaeSwain; Forney Creek at confluence with Fontana Lake.Swain35.442222-83.5638898/6/1980Lee, Crittenden, Swiney, Clark, Maney,UAICTracy et al.
2580261PercidaeSwain; Little Tennessee River along Co. Rd. 1113 between Co. Rd. 1115 & 1110, 1.6 mi N of NeedmoreSwain35.35-83.52305611/2/1986E.F. Menhinick, et al.UAICTracy et al.
25802711PercidaeSwain; Oconaluftee River at NC Hwy 107 at ElaSwain35.450278-83.3910/1/1977N.M. Burkhead, J.P. Beets, Dekozlowski,UAICTracy et al.
2580287PercidaeSwain; Raven Fork at Park Bridge, 3.6 mi NE of CherokeeSwain35.518611-83.27777810/25/1979M. Davies, USFWSUAICTracy et al.
2580298PercidaeSwain; Tuckasegee River at US Hwy 19, just E of Bryson CitySwain35.431667-83.41444410/4/1991B.R. Kuhajda, R.L. Mayden, R.M. WoodUAICTracy et al.
2583552PercidaeLittle Tennessee River, along Co Rd 113, at Macon-Swain County line.Swain35.2984-83.512587/7/1977Gilbert, Carter; et al.UFTracy et al.
2583591PercidaeDeep Creek, area above confluenceSwain35.433584-83.4390019/26/1979Lee, D; Smith, R; Delozier, KUFTracy et al.
2583603PercidaeNoland Creek, area above confluenceSwain35.441758-83.5233939/25/1979Lee, D; Smith, R; Delozier, KUFTracy et al.
2583612PercidaeTwentymile Creek, section between Ranger Station and confluenceSwain35.46417-83.8813911/19/1979Lee, D; Broadbent, T; Delozier, E; et al.UFTracy et al.
25836214PercidaeOconaluftee River, at Eljawa Campground, near Cherokee.Swain35.476172-83.3197288/25/1980USFWS-Cherokee Personnel; Boaze, JUFTracy et al.
2583636PercidaeRaven Fork River, at Park Bridge, 3.3 miles NE of Cherokee.Swain35.516794-83.29485811/19/1979US Fish and Wildlife Service; Graham, TUFTracy et al.
2586911PercidaeDeep Creek, trib of Tuckasegee River, near Bryson City, lowest 1/4 mi of creek seined, Elev 1740, TVA Map 166 NWSwain35.434077-83.4392089/8/1937CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
2586931PercidaeOconaluftee R, just inside Cherokee Indian Res, on St Hwy 19, above pond of Smoky Mt Power Co, Elev ca 1840ft*Swain35.476896-83.3195489/9/1937CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
2586982PercidaeOconaluftee River, ca 1 mile South of Ravenswood, Great Smoky Mts Nat Park, Elev 1990, TVA map 166 NESwain35.49951-83.3045199/10/1937CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
2587001PercidaeRaven Fork of Oconaluftee River, Cherokee Ind Res, 1.5 mi below Big Cove School, elev ca 2300 ft; TVA Map 165 SESwain35.516794-83.2948586/18/1940CL, LC & EL HubbsUMMZTracy et al.
2589003PercidaeOconaluftee River, 1 mi S of Ravensford, Great Smoky Mts. Natl. ParkSwain35.49951-83.3045194/1/1941Hubbs, Hubbs, WalkerUMMZTracy et al.
2589432PercidaeOconaluftee River, GSMNP, 1.8 mi downstream from mouth of Cliff BranchSwain35.576961-83.3550210/4/1956RE Lennon & PS ParkerUMMZTracy et al.
2589451PercidaeBradley Fork - GSMNP - trib to Oconaluftee River, sta 0.2 mi upstream from campground, Sta elev 2300 ftSwain35.577941-83.31508310/1/1954RE Lennon & PS ParkerUMMZTracy et al.
2590251PercidaeTuckaseegee River, ElaSwain35.450521-83.3895978/26/1930Gutsell, J. S.USNMTracy et al.
2590261PercidaeTuckaseegee River, ElaSwain35.450521-83.3895978/26/1930Gutsell, J. S.USNMTracy et al.
25932114PercidaeEagle Cr. lower 300 m at Fontana Res.Swain35.47181-83.780595/30/1989Etnier, Moore, Masterson, Carter, SohenUTTracy et al.
2593401PercidaeDeep Cr., at end of Deep Cr. Rd., GSMNPSwain35.464196-83.43395710/2/1981YACC crewUTTracy et al.
25934120PercidaeForney Cr. from Fontana Res. 400 m upstream, GSMNPSwain35.462122-83.5626765/25/1989Etnier, Moore, Carter, Ensign, SohenUTTracy et al.
25934210PercidaeForney Cr. from Fontana Res. 400 m upstream, GSMNPSwain35.462122-83.5626765/25/1989Etnier, Moore, Sohen, Carter, EnsignUTTracy et al.
2593434PercidaeHazel Cr. 2000 ft. below jct. with Rowan Branch, GSMNPSwain35.480071-83.7092495/7/1980Lee et al., USFWSUTTracy et al.
2593441PercidaeHazel Cr. above Granville Calhoun house, GSMNPSwain35.518195-83.6405234/18/1979Crittenden, Morton, Stansell, Conforti, FeigeUTTracy et al.
2593452PercidaeHazel Cr. at ?sawdust Pile compound?, ca. 1 mi above mouth, GSMNPSwain35.479064-83.69717110/25/1986HaberraUTTracy et al.
25934619PercidaeHazel Cr. in front of Proctor House, GSMNPSwain35.473696-83.7218245/7/1980Lee et al., USFWSUTTracy et al.
25934730PercidaeHazel Cr. just above and at 1/4 mi above Fontana Reservoir, GSMNPSwain35.45893-83.734255/30/1989Etnier, Moore, Masterson, Ensign, SohenUTTracy et al.
2593481PercidaeLittle Tennessee R., at mouth of Sawmill Branch, SR 1125Swain35.355406-83.50675810/26/1988Etnier et al.UTTracy et al.
2593495PercidaeLittle Tennessee RM 94.3 ca. 1 airmi N of NeedmoreSwain35.32671-83.52386/5/1990Saylor et al., TVAUTTracy et al.
25935057PercidaeNoland Cr. just above Fontana Reservoir, GSMNPSwain35.45158-83.5273525/24/1989Etnier, Moore, Simbeck, Carter, Ensign, SohenUTTracy et al.
2593516PercidaeOconaluftee R. at Blueridge Parkway, GSMNPSwain35.50594-83.30019/6/1989Etnier, Moore, Etnier, McLain, McClain, Simbeck, GarrettUTTracy et al.
2593522PercidaeOconaluftee R. at GSMNP Visitor Center above mouth of Raven Fk.Swain35.516092-83.3062349/6/1989Etnier, Moore, Etnier, McLain, McClain, Simbeck, Garrett, SossamonUTTracy et al.
2593537PercidaeRaven Fork at first bridge above Oconaluftee R., GSMNPSwain35.51381-83.299249/6/1989Etnier, Moore, Etnier, McLain, McClain, Simbeck, Garrett, SossamonUTTracy et al.
2593542PercidaeTuckasegee R, RM 16.4, Ferguson Landing (Governors Island)Swain35.44-83.3982488/9/1994TVAUTTracy et al.
2593554PercidaeTwenty Mile Cr. down from rangers cabin, just below NC 28 bridge, GSMNPSwain35.46687-83.878735/25/1989Etnier, Moore, Simbeck, Carter, Ensign, SohenUTTracy et al.