Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

52 records for Etheostoma rufilineatum in Madison County.

2388331PercidaeWarm Springs Creek, tributary of French Broad River.Madison35.89285-82.8272521869E. D. CopeANSPTracy et al.
2388346PercidaeWarm Springs Creek, tributary of French Broad River.Madison35.89285-82.8272521869E. D. CopeANSPTracy et al.
2394133PercidaeLittle Laurel Cr. (Shelton Laurel Cr.) on NC 208, 1 mi. S of jct. of NC 208 & 212, 6.7 mi. S of state lineMadison35.923108-82.7518636/8/1968Timothy Zorach; L. JonesCUMVTracy et al.
2394781PercidaeSpring Cr. above mouth into French Broad R. at Hot SpringsMadison35.897257-82.8273436/28/1982L. Greenberg; Brown; CohenCUMVTracy et al.
2470609PercidaeBig Laurel Cr, NC 208Madison35.9225-82.751666679/18/1997NCDWRTracy et al.
24706123PercidaeLittle Laurel Cr, off NC 208Madison35.9354177-82.74379739/29/1998NCDWRTracy et al.
24706274PercidaeLittle Laurel Cr, off NC 208Madison35.9354177-82.74379735/4/1999NCDWRTracy et al.
24706398PercidaeShelton Laurel Cr, NC 208/212Madison35.9347965-82.74295186/3/1997NCDWRTracy et al.
24706481PercidaeShelton Laurel Cr, NC 208/212Madison35.9347965-82.74295186/20/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
24706547PercidaeShelton Laurel Cr, NC 208/212Madison35.9347965-82.74295189/25/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
2512438PercidaeBig Laurel Creek at mouth in French Broad River, [ca. 2.8] air miles ESE center Hot SpringsMadison35.8841-82.77989968/15/1972Robert E. Jenkins, David A. Etnier, C.R. Gilbert, W.M. Palmer, M. Seehorn, T. Crowell, C.A. LeibrandtNCSMTracy et al.
2512581PercidaeShelton Laurel Creek at NC 208, 0.45 air miles WNW WhiterockMadison35.935-82.743888857/24/1992Mark Hale, T Cady, Dave L. PenroseNCSMTracy et al.
25126731Percidae[Big] Laurel Creek below Route 25-70 bridge, [ca. 4.3] air miles ENE Hot SpringsMadison35.9138-82.757301335/13/1994Fred C. Rohde, M. Stuart, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
251268169PercidaeSpring Creek, below RR trestle to confluence with French Broad River, Hot Springs, [ca. 16.9 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.8964-82.826812745/13/1994Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
251269321PercidaeShelton Laurel Creek below junction NC 208 and NC 212, at turnoff area along NC 208, ca. 0.3 miles N junction with Big Laurel Creek, [ca. 3.4] air miles WSW White RockMadison35.9271-82.753471377/18/1994Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
25127065PercidaeShelton Laurel Creek below bridge at junction NC 208 and NC 212, 2.7 air miles WSW White RockMadison35.93482-82.74457557/18/1994Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
25127153PercidaeLittle Laurel Creek along NC 208, lower 100 meters before junction with Shelton Laurel Creek, [ca. 2.6] air miles WSW White Rock, [ca. 16.4 kilometers NNW center Marshall]Madison35.9365-82.74400337/18/1994Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
25127252PercidaeGlass Creek [= Grass Creek], from RR trestle to mouth in French Broad River and along shoreline of river at mouth (off SR 1300) [Kock Road], 4.3 air miles NW Hot SpringsMadison35.9323-82.888298037/19/1994Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
25127338PercidaeShelton Laurel Creek, junction SR 1316 and NC 212, just NW Whiterock, [ca. 11.0 air miles NNW center Marshall]Madison35.9562-82.70390327/20/1994Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
25127451PercidaeBig Laurel Creek above Southern Railway bridge, at junction with French Broad River, [ca. 2.8] air miles [E] Hot SpringsMadison35.885-82.780197147/21/1994Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
251275134PercidaeSpring Creek above junction with Hill St. and Spring St., above big pool and industrial intake, Hot Springs, [ca. 16.6 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.8898-82.82869727/22/1994Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
251276320PercidaeSpring Creek at junction Hill Street and Spring Street, below large pool and industrial intake (at bend in creek), Hot Springs, [ca. 41.3 kilometers NNW center Asheville]Madison35.8898-82.82869728/14/1994Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
251277229PercidaeShut-in Creek, third bridge below US 25-70, along SR 1303 [Lower Shut In Road], 2.9 air miles WNW Hot Springs, [ca. 13.2 air miles NW center Marshall]Madison35.9175-82.866996778/18/1994Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
25128111PercidaeSpring Creek, in Hot Springs, 100 meters above NC 209 [Lance Avenue] crossing, [ca. 16.3 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.8858-82.828346254/11/2001Wayne C. Starnes, Morgan E. RaleyNCSMTracy et al.
2512867PercidaeLittle Laurel Creek at NC 208, [ca. 13.0 air miles NW center Mars Hill]Madison35.935-82.743888855/4/1999Bryn H. Tracy, Nancy Guthrie, Dave Lenat, Neil MedlinNCSMTracy et al.
25128798PercidaeShelton Laurel Creek, at junction of NC 208 [Trail of the Lonesome Pine] and NC 212, [ca. 21.2 kilometers NW Mars Hill]Madison35.9348-82.742950446/3/1997Bryn H. Tracy, Lawrence E. Eaton, Mark Hale, Neil MedlinNCSMTracy et al.
25129768PercidaeShelton Laurel Creek at NC 208 [Trail of the Lonesome Pine]/212, [ca. 21.3 kilometers NW Mars Hill]Madison35.935-82.743888856/20/2002Bryn H. Tracy, Nicole Flint, Mark Hale, Tracy MormanNCSMTracy et al.
2513141PercidaeSpring Creek, at N Andrews Avenue, [ca. 16.9 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.89475-82.827339176/1/2007Steve J. Fraley, J.C. Yonce, William T. Russ, A.M. BushonNCSMTracy et al.
2513151PercidaeBig Laurel Creek, off of USFS Foot Trail 310 off of US 25, [ca. 13.0 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.88441-82.780242926/6/2007Steve J. Fraley, J.C. Yonce, William T. RussNCSMTracy et al.
2513166PercidaeFrench Broad River off of Highway 251, [ca. 2.5 air miles ESE center Marshall]Madison35.77544-82.648025518/28/2007WT Russ, JC YonceNCSMTracy et al.
2513203PercidaeFrench Broad River, shoal and beach areas ca. 275 m below (W of) US 25/70 bridge crossing, NE side of Hot SpringsMadison35.8959-82.823799138/29/2009Wayne C. Starnes, Bryn H. TracyNCSMTracy et al.
25132114PercidaeSpring Creek, from US 25/70 bridge to 100 meters below, in Hot Springs, [ca. 26.1 kilometers WNW center Mars Hill]Madison35.8932-82.827400218/29/2009Wayne C. Starnes, Bryn H. TracyNCSMTracy et al.
2513229PercidaeShut-in Creek, lower 125 meters from just above railroad crossing to mouth, by Lower Shut-in Road (SR 1303), 3.0 air miles NW of Hot SpringsMadison35.9188-82.87079628/28/2009Wayne C. Starnes, Bryn H. TracyNCSMTracy et al.
2513234PercidaeFrench Broad River, channel on S side of Huff Island, 50 m above Grass Creek, near Paint Rock Road (SR 1300) /SR 1301 intersection, 4.4 air miles NW Hot SpringsMadison35.9329-82.888000498/29/2009Wayne C. Starnes, Bryn H. TracyNCSMTracy et al.
251324344PercidaeSpring Creek, above pool at curve in creek, along Spring Street above Hill Street, Hot Springs, [ca. 16.5 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.8911-82.825767524/22/1995Fred C. Rohde, Mary L. Moser, Steve W. Ross, B. Goldstein, H. Jackson, J. Bichy, Kevin D.E. StokesburyNCSMTracy et al.
2513388PercidaeFrench Broad River at US 25/70, [ca. 41.4 kilometers NW center Asheville]Madison35.89372-82.8229522710/6/2010Bryn H. Tracy, B. Price, E. WilliamsNCSMTracy et al.
25134015PercidaeFrench Broad River at end of Stackhouse Road [SR 1139], 100 m upstream on N side of island, [ca. 8.0 air miles NW center Marshall]Madison35.88474-82.7772903411/5/1994Fred C. Rohde, ML Moser, WHBNCSMTracy et al.
2513431PercidaeMouth [of] Big Pine Creek, upstream under SR 1155 [Anderson Branch Road] tressle, [ca. 4.9-5.0 air miles NW center Marshall]Madison35.83843-82.7561950711/5/1994Fred C. Rohde, ML Moser, WH BNCSMTracy et al.
251344120PercidaeSpring Creek, in Hot Springs, from confluence with river to railroad trestle, [ca. 16.9 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.8958-82.826797494/22/1995Fred C. Rohde, Mary L. Moser, Steve W. Ross, B. Goldstein, H. Jackson, J. Bichy, Kevin D.E. StokesburyNCSMTracy et al.
2513451PercidaeFrench Broad River at base of Redmon Dam, North side, [ca. 1.5 air miles WSW center Marshall]Madison35.79401-82.7104110711/5/1994Fred C. Rohde, ML Moser, WBNCSMTracy et al.
251349121PercidaeFrench Broad River at Shut-in Creek mouth and downstream 50 m, island in middle across from Forest Service picnic area, [ca. 21.7 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.91979-82.870925911/4/1994Fred C. Rohde, Mary L. Moser, W.B.NCSMTracy et al.
25135347PercidaeShelton Laurel Creek, at NC 208/212, [ca. 41.6 kilometers NNW center Asheville]Madison35.9348-82.742950449/25/2012Bryn H. Tracy, Michael Shepherd, Cathy Tyndall, J. Aaron, J. Step, Mark Vander BorghNCSMTracy et al.
251364171PercidaeShut-In Creek, below SR 1303 [Lower Shut In Road], [ca. 2.8] miles NW of Hot SpringsMadison35.9178-82.868911747/14/1994Edward F. Menhinick and classNCSMTracy et al.
25136612Percidae[Shelton] Laurel Creek, at NC 208, S of Belva [ca. 9.1 kilometers NE center Hot Springs]Madison35.93505-82.743476879/23/1978J. Beets, Richard T. Bryant, M.G. RyonNCSMTracy et al.
2513675PercidaeLittle [Shelton] Laurel and Big Laurel Creeks, at junction on NC 208, [ca. 40.7 kilomters NNW center Asheville, see georeference remarks]Madison35.92299-82.751846319/30/1978John G. Lundberg and classNCSMTracy et al.
25809810PercidaeMadison; Big Laurel Creek, 0.5 mi S of US Hwy 25-70, 4.6 mi WSW of Big LaurelMadison35.9144444-82.75722229/11/1983E.F. Menhinick, Limn. cl.UAICTracy et al.
2584621PercidaeSpring Creek at railroad crossing 0.1 miles N of Hot Springs.Madison35.894637-82.8274589/10/1983Menhinick, Edward; Limnology ClassUFTracy et al.
2584633PercidaeShutin Creek, from RR along Co Rte 1303 to French Broad River, 3.1 miles NW of Hot Springs.Madison35.912217-82.8691489/10/1983Menhinick, Edward; Limnology ClassUFTracy et al.
2588081PercidaeBig Laurel Creek at mouth of Little Hurricane Creek, on US 25, 1640 ft; French Broad drainageMadison35.914256-82.7573267/11/1947JR Bailey & crewUMMZTracy et al.
2589679PercidaeSpring Creek from mouth at Hot Springs to 1 mi above hotel; French Broad River dr. *Madison35.897257-82.8273431888-08-13Jordan, Jenkins, Meek et al.UMMZTracy et al.
2590947PercidaeSpring Creek, Hot SpringsMadison35.892727-82.827151888Jordan, Jenkins, MeekUSNMTracy et al.
2594082PercidaeBig Laurel Cr. off Hwy 208, ~2 km N of Hurricane & 5 air km upstreamMadison35.929113-82.7445873/31/2009Hollingsworth, KeckUTTracy et al.