Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

29 records for Fundulus heteroclitus in Hyde County.

11765086FundulidaeNorth Atlantic Ocean, Tidal Creek, Cape Hatteras National SeashoreHyde35.14047-75.892928/1/2003Castro, A Kennon, G ThomasAUMTracy et al.
11765111FundulidaeNorth Atlantic Ocean, Island Creek, Cape Hatteras National SeashoreHyde35.12733-75.921178/1/2003Castro, A Kennon, G ThomasAUMTracy et al.
11765210FundulidaeNorth Atlantic Ocean, seagrass bed, Cape Hatteras National SeashoreHyde35.16381-75.845258/2/2003Castro, A Kennon, G ThomasAUMTracy et al.
1201461FundulidaeSQB18, COWPEN CREEKHyde35.392-76.352010516NCDMFTracy et al.
1201482FundulidaeOI13, HOWARD REEFHyde35.139-75.939020506NCDMFTracy et al.
12018267FundulidaeSB10, CHELLYBELLY CREEKHyde35.409-76.482040505NCDMFTracy et al.
1201839FundulidaeSB9, SPENCER BAYHyde35.402-76.486040505NCDMFTracy et al.
12018412FundulidaeSQB18, COWPEN CREEKHyde35.392-76.352040511NCDMFTracy et al.
12018820FundulidaeSB10, CHELLYBELLY CREEKHyde35.409-76.482040602NCDMFTracy et al.
1207342FundulidaeOI1S, E. OF BLUFF TO LONG SH./RODAN.Hyde35.187-75.782740415NCDMFTracy et al.
1207352FundulidaeOI6, HOWARD REEFHyde35.134-75.909740415NCDMFTracy et al.
1207363FundulidaeOI7, HOWARD REEFHyde35.132-75.921740415NCDMFTracy et al.
120756660FundulidaeOI1S, E. OF BLUFF TO LONG SH./RODAN.Hyde35.187-75.782740722NCDMFTracy et al.
1207701FundulidaeOI3, HOWARD REEFHyde35.137-75.976741119NCDMFTracy et al.
12077421FundulidaeOI1S, E. OF BLUFF TO LONG SH./RODAN.Hyde35.187-75.782741126NCDMFTracy et al.
1207753FundulidaeOI7, HOWARD REEFHyde35.132-75.921741126NCDMFTracy et al.
1208633FundulidaeOI1S, E. OF BLUFF TO LONG SH./RODAN.Hyde35.187-75.782780531NCDMFTracy et al.
12086451FundulidaeOI4S, BEHIND OCRACOKE INLETHyde35.092-75.994780531NCDMFTracy et al.
1208661FundulidaeOI1S, E. OF BLUFF TO LONG SH./RODAN.Hyde35.187-75.782780613NCDMFTracy et al.
1208711FundulidaeOI1S, E. OF BLUFF TO LONG SH./RODAN.Hyde35.187-75.782780717NCDMFTracy et al.
1208724FundulidaeOI4S, BEHIND OCRACOKE INLETHyde35.092-75.994780717NCDMFTracy et al.
12088110FundulidaeOI1S, E. OF BLUFF TO LONG SH./RODAN.Hyde35.187-75.782780808NCDMFTracy et al.
1208842FundulidaeOI4S, BEHIND OCRACOKE INLETHyde35.092-75.994780925NCDMFTracy et al.
12245632FundulidaeRoadside ditch along SR 1154 [Old US Highway 264] at Scranton, [ca. 10.7 air miles ESE Belhaven]Hyde35.4983-76.449897776-Jan-87RW Gaul Jr. and D CarsonNCSMTracy et al.
1224711FundulidaeTributary to Germantown Bay at Swindell Road (SR 1141), [ca. 11.5 air miles SE center Belhaven]Hyde35.42564-76.4751281712-Jul-00BT Watson, AH FullertonNCSMTracy et al.
1224723FundulidaeCanal to Swanquarter Bay at NC 45/Bike 2, [0.5 air miles NW Swan Quarter]Hyde35.41085-76.3359069811-Jul-00BT Watson, AH FullertonNCSMTracy et al.
1224803FundulidaeCanal to [Atlantic] Ocean, [Mount Pleasant Village Road] (SR 1118), [ca. 22.2 kilometers E center Swan Quarter]Hyde35.41417-76.084297187-Jun-00B.T. Watson, A.H. FullertonNCSMTracy et al.
12249611FundulidaeOcracoke Island, pond at E edge of town & S of hwy 12, E of airport, [ca. 28.9 kilometers WSW center Hatteras]Hyde35.10607-75.975868233-Aug-83Frank J. Schwartz, D StrotherNCSMTracy et al.
12330712FundulidaeDare; Pamlico Sound Cape HatterasHyde35.3127778-75.93722226/27/1962H.T. Boschung, William BrodeUAICTracy et al.