Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

16 records for Fundulus lineolatus in Robeson County.

11767012FundulidaeLennon's Marsh; off County Route 1002,ca. 4 mi. S. of AllentonRobeson34.479798-78.87817/2/1968Freihofer, Warren C.CASTracy et al.
1225811FundulidaeAshpole Swamp, [at US 301], [ca. 4.5 air miles WNW center] McDonald, [ca. 14.5 air miles WSW center Lumberton]Robeson34.5603-79.253898629-Aug-60NCWRC (Louder and Mincey)NCSMTracy et al.
1225831FundulidaeLumber River, at Veterans of Foreign Affairs Hut W of Lumberton, [ca. 18.0 kilometers ESE center Pembroke]Robeson34.62254-79.0117263825-Aug-60NCWRC (Louder and Eagerton)NCSMTracy et al.
12258418FundulidaeBig Swamp, 0.5 miles above Lennons Bridge [SR 1002/Old Whiteville Road], [ca. 12.0 air miles SE center Lumberton]Robeson34.48476-78.8749237127-Jun-61NCWRC (Louder, Eagerton and Gulish)NCSMTracy et al.
1225932FundulidaeSaddletree Swamp, [ca.] 5.0 [air] miles [NNW center] LumbertonRobeson34.68868-79.0287933316-Aug-60NCWRC (Louder)NCSMTracy et al.
1226172FundulidaeBig Swamp, NC 211 bridge, [ca. 4.7 air] air miles [WNW center] Bladenboro, [ca. 9.1 air miles ESE center Lumberton]Robeson34.5748-78.8574981721-Oct-73Alvin L. Braswell and DL StephanNCSMTracy et al.
1226222FundulidaeLumber River, [ca. 2.9 air] miles S of Moss Neck, [ca. 8.2 air miles W center Lumberton]Robeson34.626-79.1529998823-Aug-60NCWRC (Louder and Mincey)NCSMTracy et al.
12262410FundulidaeWhite Oak Swamp, 3.0 miles [NNE] of Smiths, [ca. 10.7 air miles ENE center Lumberton]Robeson34.69168-78.843803418-Jun-61NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1226281FundulidaeIndian Swamp, 2.0 miles [SW] Orrum, [ca. 11.9 air miles S center Lumberton]Robeson34.44738-79.0371475222-Jun-61NCWRC (Louder, Eagerton and Gulish)NCSMTracy et al.
12270723FundulidaeBig Marsh Swamp 2.0 miles W of Saint Pauls, [ca. 13.4 air miles N center Lumberton]Robeson34.81157-79.0058364910-Aug-61NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
12329513FundulidaeElkton Swamp, SR 1710Robeson34.58333333-794/18/1970MJ MerrileesROMTracy et al.
1232964FundulidaeLumber River, Lumberton at NC 72Robeson34.618088-79.0112185/17/1969MJ MerrileesROMTracy et al.
1233511FundulidaeAshpole Swamp, creek at Co Rte 2423-2519, 2.6 miles NNE of Rowland.Robeson34.544962-79.24686310/18/1980Menhinick, Edward; Limnology ClassUFTracy et al.
1233521FundulidaeBig Swamp, creek at St Rte 211, 9.2 miles WNW of Lumberton.Robeson34.574879-78.85733510/19/1980Menhinick, Edward; Limnology ClassUFTracy et al.
1233531FundulidaeBig Swamp, creek at St Rte 41, 10.2 miles W of Lumberton.Robeson34.511845-79.10862210/18/1980Menhinick, Edward; Limnology ClassUFTracy et al.
1234371FundulidaeBig Swamp Canal @ Old Whiteville/Old Lumberton Rd.Robeson34.479707-78.87789310/15/2009Hollingsworth, Hulsey, Niemiller, UT Ichthy. ClassUTTracy et al.