Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

13 records for Fundulus rathbuni in Durham County.

1177111FundulidaeTrib. of Neuse R., 14 mi. S of Creedmore on NC 15ADurham36.017861-78.8971884/1/1950Edward Raney; Charles Cole; Robert Gibbs; E. Deubler; et al.CUMVTracy et al.
1222021FundulidaeEno R, off US 501Durham36.07472222-78.9019444410/1/2003NCDWRTracy et al.
1227682FundulidaeNew Hope Creek, on US 15/US 501[Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard], between Chapel Hill and Durham, [ca. 5.2 air miles WSW center Durham]Durham35.95966-78.981452941-Jul-63NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1227721FundulidaeEno River, SR 1004 bridge (Old Oxford Highway), 3.0 miles NNE Durham, 1.5 miles NNE WeaverDurham36.0721-78.8631973323-Jul-66William M. Palmer, JH Hunt, JL Clare, Jr., EE StainbackNCSMTracy et al.
12277617FundulidaeLick Creek, NC 98 [Wake Forest Highway] bridge, [ca. 9.0 air miles E center Durham]Durham35.98068-78.738327036-Jul-61NCWRC (Smith)NCSMTracy et al.
1228742FundulidaeEno River, at [junction of] SR 1004 [Old Oxford Road] and SR 1631 [Snow Hill Road], [ca. 9.3 kilometers NNE center Durham]Durham36.0726-78.8627548224-Oct-77Lawrence, ScibalNCSMTracy et al.
1228756FundulidaeLick Creek, at SR 264 [=NC 98/Wake Forest Road], [ca. 7.4] kilometers E of Oaks Grove, [ca. 14.5 kilometers E center Durham, see georeference remarks]Durham35.98082-78.738128669-Apr-50Joseph R. Bailey, W.M. WalterNCSMTracy et al.
1228921FundulidaeNew Hope Creek, at concrete bridge, [ca. 10.9 kilometers SW center Durham, see georeference remarks]Durham35.91564-78.97004713-Sep-71n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1228977FundulidaeFlat River at SR 1614 [State Forest Road], 2.4 air miles NNW BahamaDurham36.2-78.8866653416-May-95Vince P. Schneider, Mark Hale, Neil Medlin, Kathy HerringNCSMTracy et al.
1229102FundulidaeFlat River at SR 1614 (State Forest Road), off US 501 and Moores Mill Road, 2.6 air miles SE Rougemont, about 14.0 air miles N center DurhamDurham36.2-78.885803221-Aug-01Wayne C. Starnes, LF Womack, JD Fitzpatrick, Morgan E. Raley, P Cox, H Dye Frink, L Lowrance, & NCS. Michelle campersNCSMTracy et al.
1229921FundulidaeCabin Branch, 1.0 mile upstream from mouth, [ca. 7.3 air miles N center Durham]Durham36.09742-78.874519353-Aug-61NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1234412FundulidaeFlat R. at co. rd. 1603, 0.6 mi e of Red MountainDurham36.22758-78.888835/20/1986UTRFCUTTracy et al.
1234422FundulidaeSouth Fork LIttle River at SR 1461Durham36.15-78.94643/18/2016Borstein, PotternUTTracy et al.