Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

21 records for Ichthyomyzon bdellium in Madison County.

2598381PetromyzontidaeSpring Creek, from US 25/70 bridge to 100 meters below, in Hot Springs, [ca. 26.1 kilometers WNW center Mars Hill]Madison35.8932-82.8274002129-Aug-09Wayne C. Starnes, Bryn H. TracyNCSMTracy et al.
2598394PetromyzontidaeSpring Creek, in Hot Springs, from confluence with river to railroad trestle, [ca. 16.9 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.8958-82.8267974922-Apr-95Fred C. Rohde, Mary L. Moser, Steve W. Ross, B. Goldstein, H. Jackson, J. Bichy, Kevin D.E. StokesburyNCSMTracy et al.
2598414PetromyzontidaeSpring Creek, below RR trestle to confluence with French Broad River, Hot Springs, [ca. 16.9 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.8964-82.8268127413-May-94Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
2598422PetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River, east channel, off SR 1304, at Huff Island, [ca. 7.2 kilometers NW center Hot Springs]Madison35.93536-82.888328552-Oct-13Bryn H. Tracy, TR Russ, Steve J. Fraley, E Williams, J. Michael Swing, Michael Shepherd, Matt StillwellNCSMTracy et al.
2598432PetromyzontidaeSpring Creek, US 25/70, [in Hot Springs]Madison35.89288-82.827224735-Apr-16Bryn H. Tracy, Matt Stillwell, Joyce Coombs, Thomas Russ, Danielle Cracker, Dave Stagliano, Luke Etchison, Rick SmithNCSMTracy et al.
2598441PetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River, river mile 109.9, [at Hot Springs (town)], ca. 25.6 air miles NNW center Asheville]Madison35.8919-82.8220977828-Sep-06local fishermanNCSMTracy et al.
2598454PetromyzontidaeSpring Creek, above pool at curve in creek, along Spring Street above Hill Street, Hot Springs, [ca. 16.5 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.8911-82.8257675222-Apr-95Fred C. Rohde, Mary L. Moser, Steve W. Ross, B. Goldstein, H. Jackson, J. Bichy, Kevin D.E. StokesburyNCSMTracy et al.
2598467PetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River, off SR 1304 [River Road], [ca. 3.2 kilometers NW center Hot Springs]Madison35.9155-82.850799566-Apr-15Bryn H. Tracy, Aaron, Russ, Stillwell, Williams, TurnerNCSMTracy et al.
2598471PetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River, just above Huff Island, [ca. 30.0 air miles NW center Asheville]Madison35.9327-82.8852996817-May-07Steve J. Fraley, JC Yonce, WT RussNCSMTracy et al.
2598481PetromyzontidaeSpring Creek, from RR to French Broad River, Hot Springs city limit, [ca. 9.4-9.6 kilometers WNW center Walnut]Madison35.89471-82.8274307321-Aug-97Edward F. Menhinick and classNCSMTracy et al.
2598491PetromyzontidaeSpring Creek, at US 25/70, Hot Springs, [ca. 16.7 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.89288-82.827224737-Oct-09Bryn H. Tracy, E. Williams, Steve J. Fraley, T.R. Russ (NCWRC)NCSMTracy et al.
2598501PetromyzontidaeSpring Creek, at N Andrews Avenue, [ca. 16.9 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.89475-82.827339171-Jun-07Steve J. Fraley, J.C. Yonce, William T. Russ, A.M. BushonNCSMTracy et al.
2598514PetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River, off of Paint Rock Road [SR 1301], [ca. 23.7 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.93294-82.886672971-Jun-07Steve J. Fraley, J.C. Yonce, William T. RussNCSMTracy et al.
2598542PetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River at Hot Springs, [ca. 10.2 air miles NW center Marshall]Madison35.89346-82.8227767920-Aug-01TVA (D Matthews)NCSMTracy et al.
2598571PetromyzontidaeBig Laurel Creek, off of USFS Foot Trail 310 off of US 25, [ca. 13.0 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.88441-82.780242926-Jun-07Steve J. Fraley, J.C. Yonce, William T. RussNCSMTracy et al.
2598582PetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River off of SR 1304 (Paint Creek Road), [ca. 14.6 air miles NNW center Marshall]Madison35.9326-82.8852996828-Mar-08Steve J. Fraley and WT RussNCSMTracy et al.
2601122PetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River, Hot Springs, RM 108.9, Hwy 209Madison35.8978-82.82625/17/2007NCWRCTracy et al.
2601131PetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River, Hot Springs, US 25/70Madison35.896-82.824145/17/2007SJ Fraley, PE Pittman, DL Yow, WT Russ, JC Yonce, DC Matthews (TVA Crew)NCWRCTracy et al.
260114PresentPetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River, Paint Creek Road at NC/TN line, 1304Madison35.94443-82.9004910/4/2017LUCAS ETCHISON, Morgan Harris, Michael Perkins, Sydney Anderson, Rick Smith, Mathew Stillwell, Justin RobertNCWRCTracy et al.
2601157PetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River, Paint Rock road,Madison35.93273-82.88536/5/2014Stephen J Fraley, William T Russ, ROBERT D MCKINNEY, Fritz Rhode, Josh Blaylock, Nicholas MartinezNCWRCTracy et al.
2601161PetromyzontidaeFrench Broad River, River rd, SR 1304Madison35.93292-82.887726/5/2014Fritz C. RohdeNCWRCTracy et al.