Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

7 records for Moxostoma breviceps in Macon County.

412082CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River, 300 yards above Highway 28 bridge at Iotla, [ca. 3.6 miles NNW center Franklin]Macon35.2338-83.3933029217-Aug-61NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
439604CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River, ,Macon35.2215-83.37454/18/2004R.E.JenkinsNCWRCTracy et al.
4396111CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River, Carnes Road (Dean Island), SR 1370Macon35.27875-83.470286/23/2009SJ Fraley, WT Russ, NA Bowman, DC Matthews and TVA CrewNCWRCTracy et al.
439629CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River, Iotla Bridge, Hwy 28Macon35.2349-83.39587/12/2008NCWRCTracy et al.
439634CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River, Iotla Bridge, Hyw 28, RM 110.3,Macon35.23486-83.395787/8/1999NCWRCTracy et al.
439645CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River, Iotla Bridge, Hyw 28, RM 110.3,Macon35.23486-83.395787/6/2001NCWRCTracy et al.
448651CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River at confluence of Tellico Creek and upstream approximately 15 yardsMacon35.288632-83.4913384/10/1980Riley, J; Lee, D; Underwood, D; et al.UFTracy et al.