Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

17 records for Moxostoma cervinum in Rockingham County.

368682CatostomidaeBig Beaver Island Cr, US 311Rockingham36.3826983-79.98051935/14/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
368694CatostomidaeBig Beaver Island Cr, US 311Rockingham36.3826983-79.98051934/23/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
368701CatostomidaeHogans Cr, NC 704Rockingham36.3816593-79.90768184/22/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
368712CatostomidaeHogans Cr, NC 704Rockingham36.3816593-79.90768184/24/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
368721CatostomidaeMatrimony Cr, NC 770Rockingham36.4834714-79.78586985/28/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
368734CatostomidaeWolf Island Cr, SR 1767Rockingham36.481484-79.5581355/20/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
368744CatostomidaeWolf Island Cr, SR 1767Rockingham36.481484-79.5581355/5/2015NCDWRTracy et al.
428213CatostomidaeMayo River, SR 1358 [Anglin Mill Road], W of Price, [ca. 22.0 air miles NW center Reidsville]Rockingham36.5352-79.990898139-Jun-64NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
428281CatostomidaeMountain Run off Rt. 770, 2.8 miles NE Draper (=Eden)Rockingham36.5326-79.6500015326-Jul-77US Army Corps of EngineersNCSMTracy et al.
428362CatostomidaePaw Paw Creek at SR 1360 [Smith Road], 4.0 air miles NW StonevilleRockingham36.5047-79.962097173-Aug-90M Wicker, P Low, G Price, S MitchellNCSMTracy et al.
428471CatostomidaeMayo River at SR 1358 [Anglin Mill Road], 4.25 air miles W PriceRockingham36.5352-79.9908981322-Aug-93Rudolf G. Arndt, Fred C. Rohde and S NicholsNCSMTracy et al.
428968CatostomidaeSmith River by Spray Cotton Mill complex (lower portion of by-passed reach, 300-400 m above NC 700/770 bridge, in midtown EdenRockingham36.5065-79.7556991612-Sep-07Wayne C. Starnes, RB Nichols, CJ Wood, MA McCormickNCSMTracy et al.
429001CatostomidaeSmith River, ca. 300 m shoal reach near Spray mill complex, ca. 300-600 m upstream of NC 700/770 (W Meadow Road) bridge, ca. 1.4-1.6 air miles NNE center EdenRockingham36.5066-79.7557983418-Aug-08Wayne C. Starnes, CJ Wood, MA McCormick, JE Baumann, BH Tracy, PE MascarelliNCSMTracy et al.
429016CatostomidaeMayo River at SR 1358 (Anglin Mill Road), [ca. 12.9 air miles ENE center Eden]Rockingham36.53525-79.990867618-Jul-08CJ Wood, MA McCormick, CM Nunnery, Brena K. Jones, K IrvineNCSMTracy et al.
429041CatostomidaeMayo River, [ca. 925-729 m] upstream of NC 135, MayodanRockingham36.4153-79.9623031629-Jul-08CJ Wood, MA McCormick, CM Nunnery, NC OakleyNCSMTracy et al.
429071CatostomidaeMayo River downstream of SR 1395 [Janet Road], [ca. 1.5 air miles NE center Mayodan]Rockingham36.4278-79.9480972329-Jul-08CJ Wood, MA McCormick, CM Nunnery, NC OakleyNCSMTracy et al.
429273CatostomidaeWolf Island Creek, SR 1767 [Mayfield Road], [ca. 17.0 kilometers NE center Reidsville]Rockingham36.48148-79.558135995-May-15Bryn H. Tracy, Ron Boone, John Iverson, Matt Stillwell, Mike TurnerNCSMTracy et al.