Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

30 records for Moxostoma duquesnei in Swain County.

3297412CatostomidaeOconoluftee River on US 441 at CherokeeSwain35.472073-83.3140319/6/1964Cross, Frank B; Busey, Fred H; Judd, C EKUTracy et al.
373421CatostomidaeBrush Cr, off SR 1129Swain35.317872-83.5154384/29/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
373433CatostomidaeBrush Cr, off SR 1129Swain35.317872-83.5154386/30/2015NCDWRTracy et al.
419431CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River, inflow to Fontana Reservoir, 0.5 miles above US 19/74 (RM 88.3), 5.6 air miles SW Bryson CitySwain35.3719-83.5215988222-Mar-97Wayne C. Starnes, BJ Freeman and D WaltersNCSMTracy et al.
419931CatostomidaeTuckasegee River arm of the Fontana Reservoir, near mouth of Noland Creek, [ca. 11.9 air miles WSW center Cherokee]Swain35.44222-83.5233306917-Aug-06Bryn H. Tracy, Mark HaleNCSMTracy et al.
420201CatostomidaeBrush Creek off SR 1129 [Lower Needmore Road], [ca. 14.0 kilometers SSW Bryson City]Swain35.31791-83.5154724129-Apr-09Bryn H. Tracy, Tony Butz, S. Michelle Simonson, William CrouchNCSMTracy et al.
420743CatostomidaeBrush Creek, off SR 1129 [Lower Needmore Road], [ca. 14.0 kilometers SSW center Bryson City]Swain35.31787-83.5154342730-Jun-15Bryn H. Tracy, James Aaron, Zan Price, Ed WilliamsNCSMTracy et al.
443254CatostomidaeFontana Lake LTRM 87.3-88.3, 0.5 RM above and 0.5 RM below Rt 19 bridgeSwain35.37412222-83.519952788/9/2000Jenkins, Yow, Riley, LewisRCICTracy et al.
443271CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River 1000 m above Rt 19, RM 88.3Swain35.36542222-83.522455563/22/1997Jenkins, Freeman, Walters, StarnesRCICTracy et al.
443285CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River along Rt 1113, just below NeedmoreSwain35.328559-83.5194149/25/1993Jenkins, Rohde, Ross, UNCW classRCICTracy et al.
443295CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River RM 94.3, at NeedmoreSwain35.326712-83.5240947/26/1996Saylor,RCICTracy et al.
4433022CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River, Needmore, RM 94.7-94.8, 100 m below swinging bridgeSwain35.326013-83.5235378/9/2000Jenkins, Starnes, CantrellRCICTracy et al.
443311CatostomidaeTuckasegee River just upstream Rt 19Swain35.429752-83.4126639/28/1995Bennett,RCICTracy et al.
448843CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River, along Co Rd 113, at Macon-Swain County line.Swain35.2984-83.512587/7/1977Gilbert, Carter; et al.UFTracy et al.
448901CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee River 6.2 air mi SW of center of Bryson City, on Co Rd 1125.Swain35.374411-83.5198837/8/1977Gilbert, C; et al.UFTracy et al.
448928CatostomidaeOconaluftee River, at Eljawa Campground, near Cherokee.Swain35.476172-83.3197288/25/1980USFWS-Cherokee Personnel; Boaze, JUFTracy et al.
4510926CatostomidaeDeep Creek, trib of Tuckasegee River, near Bryson City, lowest 1/4 mi of creek seined, Elev 1740, TVA Map 166 NWSwain35.434077-83.4392089/7/1933CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
451102CatostomidaeFlooded mouth of Twentymile Creek, in Cheoah Lake, Elev 1280 ft, Just outside of Great Smoky Mt Nat ParkSwain35.466853-83.8782259/6/1933CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
451112CatostomidaeForney Creek, at mouth into Tuckasegee R, Little Tennessee R system, at village of Forney, near Bushnell, elev 1525',*Swain35.44211-83.5636749/7/1933CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
4511310CatostomidaeNoland Creek, at mouth in Tuckasegee River, at crossing of State Hwy 288, elev 1605 ft, TVA Map 158 NESwain35.448176-83.5250016/28/1936CL Hubbs family & asst.UMMZTracy et al.
451141CatostomidaeOconaluftee R, ca 1.5 mi SW of Ravensford, Great Smoky Mts. Natl. Park., elev. 1980 ft, TVA Map 166 NESwain35.493243-83.313149/8/1933CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
451152CatostomidaeOconaluftee R, just inside Cherokee Indian Res, on St Hwy 19, above pond of Smoky Mt Power Co, Elev ca 1840ft*Swain35.476896-83.3195489/8/1933CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
451163CatostomidaeOconaluftee River about 1 mi S of Ravenswood, elev 1990 ft, Great Smoky Mts. Natl. Park, TVA Map 166 NESwain35.49951-83.3045199/9/1933CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
451174CatostomidaeRaven Fork of Oconaluftee River, Cherokee Ind Res, 1.5 mi below Big Cove School, elev ca 2300 ft; TVA Map 165 SESwain35.516794-83.2948586/17/1936CL, LC & EL HubbsUMMZTracy et al.
4529620CatostomidaeOconaluftee River, below Cherokee SchoolSwain35.480247-83.3192649/4/1930Hildebrand, Samuel F. Gutsell, J. S.USNMTracy et al.
4543411CatostomidaeFontana Reservoir above Almond Boat DockSwain35.376894-83.5640169/13/1962TVAUTTracy et al.
454352CatostomidaeHazel Cr. just above and at 1/4 mi above Fontana Reservoir, GSMNPSwain35.45893-83.734255/30/1989Etnier, Moore, Sohen, Masterson, EnsignUTTracy et al.
454363CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee R. just off co rd 1113 @ swinging bridgeSwain35.325489-83.52329910/1/1977Beets, Burkhead, DeKozlowski, EtnierUTTracy et al.
4543715CatostomidaeLittle Tennessee RM 94.3 ca. 1 airmi N of NeedmoreSwain35.32671-83.52386/5/1990TVA, Saylor et al.UTTracy et al.
4543815CatostomidaeTuckasegee R, RM 16.4, Ferguson Landing (Governors Island)Swain35.44-83.3982488/9/1994TVAUTTracy et al.