Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

10 records for Moxostoma erythrurum in Caswell County.

373612CatostomidaeCountry Line Cr, NC 57Caswell36.53777778-79.201111119/7/1994NCDWRTracy et al.
373624CatostomidaeMoon Cr, SR 1511Caswell36.507708-79.3352679/7/1994NCDWRTracy et al.
373639CatostomidaeWolf Island Cr, NC 700Caswell36.53166667-79.5019444410/5/1994NCDWRTracy et al.
420942CatostomidaeCountry Line Creek, SSR 1597 [High Rock School Road/Chaney Store Road] bridge, [ca. 5.5 air miles ENE] Yanceyville, [ca. 23.7 air miles ENE center Reidsville]Caswell36.44669-79.2531585725-Jun-64NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
421011CatostomidaeCountry Line Creek, Highway 1597 bridge [High Rock School Road], 5.0 miles NE Yanceyville, 1.25 miles ESE HamerCaswell36.4466-79.2530975323-Jul-66William M. Palmer, JH Hunt, JL Clare, Jr., EE StainbackNCSMTracy et al.
4212920CatostomidaeWolf Island Creek, at NC 700, [ca. 3.6 kilometers NW center Pelham]Caswell36.53167-79.50194555-Oct-94Vince P. Schneider, Neil Medlin, Dave L. Penrose, Nancy GuthrieNCSMTracy et al.
421305CatostomidaeMoon Creek at SR 1511 [Bertha Wilson Road], 2.0 air miles ENE ProvidenceCaswell36.5075-79.335830697-Sep-94Vince P. Schneider, Mark Hale, Neil Medlin, K TrumbowerNCSMTracy et al.
421313CatostomidaeCounty Line Creek at NC 57, 0.45 air miles E center MiltonCaswell36.53778-79.201110847-Sep-94Vince P. Schneider, Mark Hale, Neil Medlin, K TrumbowerNCSMTracy et al.
421601CatostomidaeByrds Creek at Fitch Road (SR 1751) [6.0 air miles SSE Yanceyville]Caswell36.31798-79.3211364721-Jul-98BT Watson, AH FullertonNCSMTracy et al.
421871CatostomidaeBenaja Creek, off of NC 62, [SSE] of Yanceyville, [ca. 19.6 air miles E center Reidsville]Caswell36.3717-79.3135986322-Jun-64NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.