Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

40 records for Moxostoma erythrurum in Rockingham County.

373959CatostomidaeBig Beaver Island Cr, US 311Rockingham36.3826983-79.98051935/14/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
373961CatostomidaeBig Beaver Island Cr, US 311Rockingham36.3826983-79.98051934/23/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
373975CatostomidaeHogans Cr, NC 704Rockingham36.3816593-79.90768185/14/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
373982CatostomidaeHogans Cr, NC 704Rockingham36.3816593-79.90768184/24/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
3739912CatostomidaeJacobs Cr, NC 704Rockingham36.3795814-79.87614885/20/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
3740011CatostomidaeJacobs Cr, NC 704Rockingham36.3795814-79.87614884/24/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
374011CatostomidaeJones Cr, SR 2571Rockingham36.37416667-79.552777786/8/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
374021CatostomidaeMatrimony Cr, NC 770Rockingham36.4834714-79.78586984/23/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
374031CatostomidaePawpaw Cr, SR 1360Rockingham36.504509-79.9624948/3/1990NCDWRTracy et al.
3740418CatostomidaePawpaw Cr, SR 1360Rockingham36.5045093-79.96249375/14/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
374051CatostomidaePawpaw Cr, SR 1360Rockingham36.504509-79.9624944/23/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
3740619CatostomidaeWolf Island Cr, SR 1767Rockingham36.481484-79.5581354/23/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
374071CatostomidaeWolf Island Cr, SR 1767Rockingham36.481484-79.5581355/20/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
3740810CatostomidaeWolf Island Cr, SR 1767Rockingham36.481484-79.5581355/5/2015NCDWRTracy et al.
420975CatostomidaeWilliamson Creek at end County Road 1770 [Pryor Road], 6.0 miles NNE RuffinRockingham36.5343-79.5276031517-Aug-66William M. Palmer, JH Hunt and GG HearnNCSMTracy et al.
420988CatostomidaeTown Creek, at SR 1951 bridge, [ca. 4.9 kilometers] SE [center] Leaksville, [see georeference remarks]Rockingham36.45694-79.7058792117-Aug-66William M. Palmer, JH Hunt and GG HearnNCSMTracy et al.
420991CatostomidaeRock House Creek at County Highway 2127 bridge [Pannell Road], 3.75 miles S LeaksvilleRockingham36.4204-79.7900009218-Aug-66William M. Palmer and JH HuntNCSMTracy et al.
421002CatostomidaeBuffalo Creek at NC 770 bridge, 2.0 miles WSW LeaksvilleRockingham36.4784-79.8208999618-Aug-66William M. Palmer and JH HuntNCSMTracy et al.
421055CatostomidaeBuffalo Creek at County Road 1354 bridge [Bennett Road], 7.5 miles NW StonevilleRockingham36.5311-80.014396672-Aug-67William M. Palmer, JH Hunt and MM BrowneNCSMTracy et al.
421103CatostomidaeMayo River, SR 1358 [Anglin Mill Road], W of Price, [ca. 22.0 air miles NW center Reidsville]Rockingham36.5352-79.990898139-Jun-64NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
421201CatostomidaeBuffalo Creek at SSR 1509 bridge [Wray Road], 3.25 air miles NE StonevilleRockingham36.5041-79.873001115-Sep-80William M. Palmer, Alvin L. Braswell, R Jones, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
421211CatostomidaeWhite Oak Creek at SR 1759 [Gravel Hill Road], 6.5 air miles NNW RuffinRockingham36.5325-79.5958023126-Jul-77US Army Corps of EngineersNCSMTracy et al.
421221CatostomidaeMossy Creek at SR 2192 [Smothers Road], 3.8 miles W WentworthRockingham36.4078-79.8327026427-Jul-77US Army Corps of EngineersNCSMTracy et al.
421241CatostomidaeDan River, Rt. 704-220, 1.25 air miles SE center MadisonRockingham36.385-79.954696665-Jun-86Vince P. Schneider, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
421256CatostomidaePaw Paw Creek at SR 1360 [Smith Road], 4.0 air miles NW StonevilleRockingham36.5047-79.962097173-Aug-90M Wicker, P Low, G Price, S MitchellNCSMTracy et al.
421686CatostomidaeWolf Island Creek at SR 1767 [Mayfield Road], [ca. 10.6 air miles NE center Reidsville]Rockingham36.48124-79.5580825823-Apr-04Bryn H. Tracy, Tony Butz, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, Cathy TyndallNCSMTracy et al.
421711CatostomidaeJones Creek at SR 2571 [Grooms Road], [ca. 6.4 air miles NE center Reidsville]Rockingham36.37417-79.552780158-Jun-04Bryn H. Tracy, Laura C. Gillespie, Miller Johnstone, Brad Lamphere, Allison L. PriceNCSMTracy et al.
421734CatostomidaeSmith River by Spray Cotton Mill complex (lower portion of by-passed reach, 300-400 m above NC 700/770 bridge, in midtown EdenRockingham36.5065-79.7556991612-Sep-07Wayne C. Starnes, RB Nichols, CJ Wood, MA McCormickNCSMTracy et al.
421861CatostomidaeRock House Creek, NC 65 bridge, [WSW] of Wentworth, [ca. 7.5 air miles WNW center Reidsville]Rockingham36.3966-79.7898254410-Jun-64NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
421881CatostomidaeReed Creek, US 311, [ca. 10.0 air] miles [SSE] of Sandy Ridge, [ca. 11.1 air miles ESE center Danbury]Rockingham36.37568-80.0115280222-Sep-77US Army Corps of EngineersNCSMTracy et al.
421891CatostomidaeDan River, immediately upstream of confluence with Smith River, [ca. 10.2 air miles NNW center Reidsville]Rockingham36.48373-79.7539367714-Jan-08DJ Coughlan, BK BakerNCSMTracy et al.
421903CatostomidaeDan River, downstream of confluence with Smith River and immediately upstream of the NCWRC boat ramp on Bethlehem Church Road [SR 2039], [ca. 9.7 air miles NNW center Reidsville]Rockingham36.4768-79.7499160814-Jan-08DJ Coughlan, BK BakerNCSMTracy et al.
421916CatostomidaeDan River, downstream of the Dan River Steam Station's thermal discharge, [ca. 9.5 air miles NNW center Reidsville]Rockingham36.48578-79.7187347415-Jan-08DJ Coughlan, BK BakerNCSMTracy et al.
421954CatostomidaePawpaw Creek at SR 1360 [Smith Road], [ca. 6.4 air miles N center Mayodan]Rockingham36.50439-79.9623794614-May-09Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, S. Michelle Simonson, Victor HollandNCSMTracy et al.
421961CatostomidaeHogans Creek at NC 704, [ca. 3.9 air miles ESE center Mayodan]Rockingham36.38176-79.9076995814-May-09Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, S. Michelle Simonson, Victor HollandNCSMTracy et al.
421973CatostomidaeBig Beaver Island Creek at US 311, [ca. 1.2 air miles WSW center Madison]Rockingham36.38276-79.9804687514-May-09Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, S. Michelle Simonson, Victor HollandNCSMTracy et al.
421985CatostomidaeJacobs Creek at NC 704, [ca. 4.7 air miles ESE center Madison]Rockingham36.37956-79.8761749320-May-09Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, S. Michelle Simonson, Mike Walters, DJ Coughlan, MA AbneyNCSMTracy et al.
422072CatostomidaeCascade Creek, [upstream of] NC 770, [ca. 7.1 air miles ENE center Eden]Rockingham36.53918-79.6562194821-Jul-09CJ Wood, D Allard, T Pardue, CM NunneryNCSMTracy et al.
422151CatostomidaePawpaw Creek, at Smith Road [SR 1360], [ca. 17.6 kilometers W center of Eden]Rockingham36.50463-79.9624710123-Apr-14Bryn H. Tracy, Michael Shepherd, S Homewood, Mike MickeyNCSMTracy et al.
422162CatostomidaeWolf Island Creek, SR 1767 [Mayfield Road], [ca. 17.0 kilometers NE center Reidsville]Rockingham36.48148-79.558135995-May-15Bryn H. Tracy, Ron Boone, John Iverson, Matt Stillwell, Mike TurnerNCSMTracy et al.