Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

94 records for Nocomis micropogon in Swain County.

1497189LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River - Tennessee River - Mississippi River, Sawmill Creek, ~50 m upstream of confluence with Little Tennessee River, near boat launch on Lower Sawmill Creek Road, 9.43 km SW of Bryson CitySwain35.35614-83.5065D.C. Werneke, M HolcombAUMTracy et al.
15072540LeuciscidaeOconaluftee R. at CherokeeSwain35.476172-83.3197289/2/1953Robert Gibbs; P. CaswellCUMVTracy et al.
15073540LeuciscidaeOconaluftee R. at CherokeeSwain35.476172-83.3197289/2/1953Robert Gibbs; P. CaswellCUMVTracy et al.
1512873LeuciscidaeOconoluftee R. at Cherokee town line on Rt. 441, 0.2 mi. S of 441 & 19Swain35.475438-83.3198788/11/1967Robert Denoncourt; D. WallaceCUMVTracy et al.
1512889LeuciscidaeOconoluftee R. at Ela on Rt. 19, 3.5 mi. W of jct. 19 & 441Swain35.446505-83.3801188/11/1967Robert Denoncourt; D. WallaceCUMVTracy et al.
1516696LeuciscidaeTuckasegee River, ElaSwain35.452448-83.393985L.M. Page, W.L. Keller & L.E. CordesINHSTracy et al.
1520364LeuciscidaeOconoluftee River on US 441 at CherokeeSwain35.472073-83.314031Cross, Frank B; Busey, Fred H; Judd, C EKUTracy et al.
16321622LeuciscidaeBrush Cr, off SR 1129Swain35.3178717-83.51543845/19/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
1633333LeuciscidaeConley Cr, SR 1183Swain35.42388889-83.369722226/2/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
163339187LeuciscidaeAlarka Cr, SR 1185Swain35.3787062-83.47210376/3/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
16574338LeuciscidaeBrush Cr, off SR 1129Swain35.317872-83.5154384/29/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
1667896LeuciscidaeBrush Cr, SR 1133Swain35.3154185-83.49214559/14/2010NCDWRTracy et al.
1668127LeuciscidaeLicklog Cr, off SR 1133Swain35.322908-83.52428989/15/2010NCDWRTracy et al.
16681948LeuciscidaeSawmill Cr, SR 1125Swain35.3573742-83.50614339/16/2010NCDWRTracy et al.
16682435LeuciscidaePainter Br, off SR 1113Swain35.3435591-83.52628359/16/2010NCDWRTracy et al.
1668284LeuciscidaeWiggins Cr, off SR 1110Swain35.3329316-83.53821629/16/2010NCDWRTracy et al.
16852785LeuciscidaeAlarka Cr, SR 1185Swain35.3787062-83.47210376/3/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
1685334LeuciscidaeBrush Cr, off SR 1129Swain35.317872-83.5154386/3/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
16919328LeuciscidaeBrush Cr, off SR 1129Swain35.317872-83.5154386/30/2015NCDWRTracy et al.
1704346LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River at end of County Road 1125 [Lower Sawmill Road] off Rt. 28, 6.2 air miles SW Bryson CitySwain35.3564-83.50630188DA Etnier, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
17162084LeuciscidaeAlarka [Yalaka] Creek at SR 1185 [Lee Cochran Road], [ca. 3.9 air miles SW center Bryson City]Swain35.37861-83.47222137Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, Laura C. Gillespie, Mark Hale, Allison L. PriceNCSMTracy et al.
1819433LeuciscidaeSawmill Creek, at SR 1125 [Lower Sawmill Creek Road], [ca. 6.1 air miles SSW center Bryson City]Swain35.35738-83.506073Bryn H. Tracy, Dee Dee Black, S. Michelle SimonsonNCSMTracy et al.
1842708LeuciscidaeBrush Creek off SR 1129 [Lower Needmore Road], [ca. 8.7 air miles SSW Bryson City]Swain35.31791-83.51547241Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, Tony Butz, Allison L. Price (NCSU Intern)NCSMTracy et al.
1893474LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River, off SR 1113 [Licklog Road], below swing bridge at NeedmoreSwain35.3251-83.52300262Fred C. Rohde, Robert E. Jenkins, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
19073414LeuciscidaeTuckasegee River by US 19 at Ela canoe access (both sides of island), 3.6 air miles NE center of Bryson CitySwain35.4526-83.39360046Wayne C. Starnes, Bryn H. Tracy, MJ LaVoie, EM WilliamsNCSMTracy et al.
194001LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River above and below confluence of Rattlesnake CreekSwain35.306565-83.521994D. Lee, R. BriceOSUMTracy et al.
194002LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River @ confluence with Brush CreekSwain35.320043-83.517783D. Lee, R. BriceOSUMTracy et al.
194010LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River @ R.M. 90, @ jctn. w/ Sawmill CreekSwain35.355502-83.50675J. Riley, R. Smith, et al.OSUMTracy et al.
194029LeuciscidaeHazel Creek 50 yards upstream of 1st bridge; upstream of Proctor HouseSwain35.473659-83.721805D. Lee, R. Bruce, et al.OSUMTracy et al.
194030LeuciscidaeHazel Creek opposite GSMNP Campsite No. 86Swain35.471052-83.727649D. C. Lee, et al.OSUMTracy et al.
194042LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee RiverSwain35.3513-83.5072OSUMTracy et al.
194156LeuciscidaeTuckasegee River @ RM 16.2 left side of Governors IslandSwain35.431084-83.421796J. C. Feeman, R. BauerOSUMTracy et al.
19440918LeuciscidaeTuckasegee River at Ela, just below mouth of Copper Creek.Swain35.45222-83.39361H.L. Bart & K.R. PillerTUTracy et al.
1944491LeuciscidaeSawmill Creek at Little Tennessee River confluenceSwain35.356-83.507Bart, Piller, TiptonTUTracy et al.
1949594LeuciscidaeNantahala River 12.2 mi. NE of Andrews (0.6 mi. E on hardtop rd.) Hwy. 19.Swain35.29861-83.65528R.D. Suttkus & J.S. RamseyTUTracy et al.
19515381LeuciscidaeOconaluftee River at Ela, Hwy. 19.Swain35.44584-83.38055R.D. Suttkus, J.S. Ramsey & W.T. MasonTUTracy et al.
1955351LeuciscidaeSwain; Brush Creek at c onfluence with Little Tennessee River, 12 mi NW of FranklinSwain35.3197222-83.5177778J. S. WilliamsUAICTracy et al.
1955833LeuciscidaeSwain; Tuckasegee River at US Hwy 19, just E of Bryson CitySwain35.4316667-83.4144444B.R. Kuhajda, R.L. Mayden, R.M. WoodUAICTracy et al.
1956101LeuciscidaeSwain; Little Tennessee River along Co. Rd. 1113 between Co. Rd. 1115 & 1110, 1.6 mi N of NeedmoreSwain35.35-83.5230556E.F. Menhinick, et al.UAICTracy et al.
1957243LeuciscidaeSwain; Little Tennessee River at confluence of Brush Creek, around islands at RM 95.4Swain35.3197222-83.5177778R. Brice, D. Lee, E. Crittenden, M. Brown, K. Maney, B. Swiney, C. Douglas, and D. ClarkUAICTracy et al.
19582210LeuciscidaeSwain; Oconaluftee River at Goose Creek, 2.7 mi WSW of CherokeeSwain35.4597222-83.3597222E.F. Menhinick, Menhinick familyUAICTracy et al.
1958257LeuciscidaeSwain; Oconaluftee River along US Hwy 441 above WWTP, 0.3 mi SSE of CherokeeSwain35.4688889-83.3230556E.F. Menhinick, Menhinick familyUAICTracy et al.
1959142LeuciscidaeSwain; LITTLE TENNESSEE R AT RIVER MILE 89.9Swain35.3552778-83.5052778C. Dinkins, B. Swiney, D. Lee, C. Douglas, J. HarssonUAICTracy et al.
1960781LeuciscidaeSwain; Eagle Creek at confluence with Fontana Lake and upstream ca. 0.5 mi.Swain35.4555556-83.7886111USFWSUAICTracy et al.
1961374LeuciscidaeSwain; Little Tennessee River trib. along Co. Rd. 1125, 1.1 mi S of LauadaSwain35.3569444-83.5041667E.F. Menhinick, Limnology ClassUAICTracy et al.
1963951LeuciscidaeTwentymile Creek, section between Ranger Station and confluenceSwain35.46417-83.88139Lee, D; Broadbent, T; Delozier, E; et al.UFTracy et al.
1964054LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River, along Co Rte 1113, at swing bridge, 0.5 miles NE of Needmore.Swain35.325489-83.523299Menhinick, Edward; Cloutman, Don; MartinUFTracy et al.
1964061LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River, along Co Rte 1114, at island, at Macon County line.Swain35.299411-83.498128Menhinick, Edward; Cloutman, Don; MartinUFTracy et al.
1965192LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River - upstream about 50 yards from Rattlesnake CreekSwain35.30647-83.522093Clark, D; Lee, David; et al.UFTracy et al.
1966001LeuciscidaeHazel Creek at the first long island above the first bridgeSwain35.474673-83.725052Crittenden; Contort; Morton; Feige*UFTracy et al.
1966912LeuciscidaeBrush Creek, near mouthSwain35.319767-83.517395Riley, J; Carr, D; Underwood, DUFTracy et al.
1966923LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River mile 95.25 at mouth of Brush CreekSwain35.319767-83.517395Lee, D; Maney, R; Maney, K; Brown, MUFTracy et al.
19700426LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River, along Co Rd 113, at Macon-Swain County line.Swain35.2984-83.51258Gilbert, Carter; et al.UFTracy et al.
1970334LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River, on Co Rd 1113, ca 0.4 mi NE of Needmore, ca 2 mi N of Macon County line, at SwingingSwain35.325489-83.523299Gilbert, Carter; et al.UFTracy et al.
1970346LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River 6.2 air mi SW of center of Bryson City, on Co Rd 1125.Swain35.374411-83.519883Gilbert, C; et al.UFTracy et al.
1970861LeuciscidaeConnelly Creek at St Rte 1178, ca 3 rd mi upstream Old Bryson City Hwy, along Connelly Creek Rd.Swain35.40925-83.36358333Walsh, Stephen; et al.UFTracy et al.
1970871LeuciscidaeConnelly Creek ca 5 rd mi upstream, Old Bryson City Rd, along Connelly's Creek Road (at Timberlake Campground).Swain35.39411111-83.35277777Walsh, Stephen; et al.UFTracy et al.
1972922LeuciscidaeNolan Creek, area above confluenceSwain35.458005-83.527654Lee, D; Smith, R; Delozier, KUFTracy et al.
1972985LeuciscidaeDeep Creek, area above confluenceSwain35.433584-83.439001Lee, D; Smith, R; Delozier, KUFTracy et al.
1974191LeuciscidaeYalarka Creek, trib. of Little Tennessee River, S of BrysonSwain35.391532-83.47905411/13/1931D AmeelUMMZTracy et al.
19743014LeuciscidaeOconaluftee R, trib Tuckaseegee R of Tennessee R, ca 0.5 mi below Smokemont, Great Smoky Mts Natl Park, elev 2150'Swain35.547883-83.3079348/6/1936CL, C & EL HubbsUMMZTracy et al.
1974605LeuciscidaeDeep Creek, trib of Tuckasegee River, near Bryson City, lowest 1/4 mi of creek seined, Elev 1740, TVA Map 166 NWSwain35.434077-83.4392089/8/1937CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
1974703LeuciscidaeOconaluftee R, just inside Cherokee Indian Res, on St Hwy 19, above pond of Smoky Mt Power Co, Elev ca 1840ft*Swain35.476896-83.3195489/9/1937CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
19747517LeuciscidaeOconaluftee R, ca 1.5 mi SW of Ravensford, Great Smoky Mts. Natl. Park., elev. 1980 ft, TVA Map 166 NESwain35.493243-83.313149/9/1937CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
1974847LeuciscidaeOconaluftee River about 1 mi S of Ravenswood, elev 1990 ft, Great Smoky Mts. Natl. Park, TVA Map 166 NESwain35.49951-83.3045199/10/1937CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
19757910LeuciscidaeRaven Fork of Oconaluftee River, Cherokee Ind Res, 1.5 mi below Big Cove School, elev ca 2300 ft; TVA Map 165 SESwain35.516794-83.2948586/18/1940CL, LC & EL HubbsUMMZTracy et al.
1976041LeuciscidaeKephart Prong, Gt Smoky Mts Nat Park, at US Fish Hatchery, Trib Oconaluftee River, Elev 2850 ftSwain35.613458-83.3678596/27/1940CL Hubbs family & W KingUMMZTracy et al.
1976062LeuciscidaeBeach Flats Prong of Oconaluftee River, below US Fish Hatchery, elev. 2800 ft; Great Smoky Mts. Natl. ParkSwain35.594653-83.3875686/27/1940CL Hubbs family & W KingUMMZTracy et al.
1976211LeuciscidaeDeep Creek, trib. of Tuckasegee River in Great Smoky Mts. Natl. Park, just above Deep Creek School and 1/4 mi below *Swain35.434077-83.4392086/29/1940CL Hubbs family & asstsUMMZTracy et al.
19762419LeuciscidaeNoland Creek, at mouth in Tuckasegee River, at crossing of State Hwy 288, elev 1605 ft, TVA Map 158 NESwain35.448176-83.5250016/29/1940CL Hubbs family & asst.UMMZTracy et al.
1976282LeuciscidaeStraight Fork of Raven Fork of Oconaluftee River, Gt Smoky Mts Nat Park, 3 mi by road above forks, elev 2900 ftSwain35.544107-83.2664376/29/1940CL Hubbs family & asstsUMMZTracy et al.
19767614LeuciscidaeTwentymile Creek, just above mouth in Cheoah Lake, just inside Great Smoky Mt. Natl. Park, elev 1300 ftSwain35.466853-83.8782259/7/1937CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
1976775LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River, 1 mi below Bushnell, North Shore, elev 1440 ft, TVA map 158 NESwain35.443702-83.5427249/7/1937CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
1976846LeuciscidaeForney Creek, at mouth into Tuckasegee R, Little Tennessee R system, at village of Forney, near Bushnell, elev 1525',*Swain35.44211-83.5636749/8/1937CL Hubbs & familyUMMZTracy et al.
1980532LeuciscidaeAlarka Creek (Yalaka) on US #19, 3 mi S of Bryson City, 1980 ft; Pigeon River drainageSwain35.391532-83.4790548/8/1947JR Bailey & crewUMMZTracy et al.
1980644LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee River, first bridge S of Swain Co. line, elev. 1895 ft; Little Tennessee River drainageSwain35.374411-83.5198838/11/1947JR Bailey crewUMMZTracy et al.
1982462LeuciscidaeBradley Fork - GSMNP - trib to Oconaluftee River, sta 0.2 mi upstream from campground, Sta elev 2300 ftSwain35.577941-83.31508310/1/1954RE Lennon & PS ParkerUMMZTracy et al.
1983056LeuciscidaeOconaluftee River, GSMNP, 1.8 mi downstream from mouth of Cliff BranchSwain35.576961-83.3550210/4/1956RE Lennon & PS ParkerUMMZTracy et al.
1985321LeuciscidaeTuckaseegee River, ElaSwain35.450521-83.3895978/26/1930Gutsell, J. S.USNMTracy et al.
1985337LeuciscidaeTuckaseegee River, ElaSwain35.450521-83.3895978/26/1930Gutsell, J. S.USNMTracy et al.
1985343LeuciscidaeTuckaseegee River, ElaSwain35.450521-83.3895978/26/1930Gutsell, J. S.USNMTracy et al.
1985575LeuciscidaeOconaluftee River, below Cherokee SchoolSwain35.480247-83.3192649/4/1930Hildebrand, Samuel F. Gutsell, J. S.USNMTracy et al.
19857620LeuciscidaeTuckaseegee River, below Bryson CitySwain35.421062-83.4556229/13/1930Gutsell, J. S.USNMTracy et al.
19857725LeuciscidaeTuckaseegee River, below Bryson CitySwain35.421062-83.4556229/13/1930Gutsell, J. S.USNMTracy et al.
1997606LeuciscidaeNoland Cr. just above Fontana Reservoir, GSMNPSwain35.45158-83.5273525/24/1989Etnier, Moore, Simbeck, Ensign, Carter, SohenUTTracy et al.
1997647LeuciscidaeTwenty Mile Cr. down from rangers cabin, just below NC 28 bridge, GSMNPSwain35.46687-83.878735/25/1989Etnier, Moore, Simbeck, Ensign, Carter, SohenUTTracy et al.
19977621LeuciscidaeHazel Cr. just above and at 1/4 mi above Fontana Reservoir, GSMNPSwain35.45893-83.734255/30/1989Etnier, Moore, Ensign, MastersonUTTracy et al.
19977712LeuciscidaeEagle Cr. lower 300 m at Fontana Res.Swain35.47181-83.780595/30/1989Etnier, Moore, Sohen, Carter, MastersonUTTracy et al.
19979223LeuciscidaeOconaluftee R. at Blueridge Parkway, GSMNPSwain35.50594-83.30019/6/1989Etnier, Etnier, Moore, Simbeck, McLain, McClain, Sossamon, GarrettUTTracy et al.
19979320LeuciscidaeOconaluftee R. at GSMNP Visitor Center above mouth of Raven Fk.Swain35.516092-83.3062349/6/1989Etnier, Etnier, Moore, Simbeck, McLain, McClain, Sossamon, GarrettUTTracy et al.
19979414LeuciscidaeRaven Fork at first bridge above Oconaluftee R., GSMNPSwain35.51381-83.299249/6/1989Etnier, Etnier, Moore, Simbeck, McLain, McClain, Sossamon, GarrettUTTracy et al.
1998104LeuciscidaeLittle Tennessee RM 94.3 ca. 1 airmi N of NeedmoreSwain35.32671-83.52386/5/1990TVA, Saylor et al.UTTracy et al.
1998181LeuciscidaeDeep Cr. at GSMNP campgroundSwain35.46127-83.4359610/5/1990Hughes, Eisenhour, Myer, Etnier, Moore, HaberaUTTracy et al.
19987141LeuciscidaeTuckasegee R, RM 16.4, Ferguson Landing (Governors Island)Swain35.44-83.3982488/9/1994TVAUTTracy et al.