Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

18 records for Noturus eleutherus in Madison County.

14110020IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, river mile 105, [ca. 3.0 air miles NW center Hot Springs]Madison35.92199-82.868507395-Oct-11Bryn H. Tracy, RW Smith, E WilliamsNCSMTracy et al.
1412467IctaluridaeFrench Broad River at US 25/70, [ca. 41.4 kilometers NW center Asheville]Madison35.89372-82.822952276-Oct-10Bryn H. Tracy, B. Price, E. WilliamsNCSMTracy et al.
1413651IctaluridaeSpring Creek, at US 25/70, Hot Springs, [ca. 16.7 kilometers NW center Marshall]Madison35.89288-82.827224737-Oct-09Bryn H. Tracy, E. Williams, Steve J. Fraley, T.R. Russ (NCWRC)NCSMTracy et al.
1426021IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, just below US 25/70 crossing, at Hot Springs, [ca. 25.9 air miles NW center Asheville]Madison35.896-82.8241424617-May-07Steve J. Fraley, PE Pittman, DL Yow, WT Russ, JC YonceNCSMTracy et al.
1428862IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, off SR 1304, [3.3 kilometers NW Hot Springs]Madison35.9155-82.8507919319-Oct-16Bryn H. Tracy, Matt Stillwell, Steve J. Fraxley, Thomas R. Russ, Ryan J. HeiseNCSMTracy et al.
1439081IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, shoal in channel on S side of lowermost of Cane Islands, 30-50 m below mouth of Shut-in Creek, off Lower Shut-in Road (SR 1303), 3.0 air miles NW of Hot SpringsMadison35.9195-82.8712997428-Aug-09Wayne C. Starnes, Bryn H. TracyNCSMTracy et al.
1440304IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, channel on S side of Huff Island, 50 m above Grass Creek, near Paint Rock Road (SR 1300) /SR 1301 intersection, 4.4 air miles NW Hot SpringsMadison35.9329-82.8880004929-Aug-09Wayne C. Starnes, Bryn H. TracyNCSMTracy et al.
1443341IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, Hot Springs, RM 108.9, Hwy 209Madison35.8978-82.82625/17/2007NCWRCTracy et al.
1443571IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, Paint Rock road,Madison35.93273-82.88536/5/2014Stephen J Fraley, William T Russ, ROBERT D MCKINNEY, Fritz Rhode, Josh Blaylock, Nicholas MartinezNCWRCTracy et al.
1443581IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, River rd, SR 1304Madison35.93292-82.887726/5/2014Fritz C. RohdeNCWRCTracy et al.
1444865IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, Lower Shut-in Creek Road, SR 1303Madison35.92161-82.867858/17/2011William T Russ, Charles D Rodgers, REBECCA ANNE HAILEY, Aaron M FranksNCWRCTracy et al.
1445142IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, Paint Creek Road, SR 1304Madison35.94413-82.897649/22/2010Stephen J Fraley, William T Russ, Austin B Burgess, Anne M Burroughs, Mary E Frazer, Jeff M BentonNCWRCTracy et al.
144515PresentIctaluridaeFrench Broad River, Polecat Hollow, 1304Madison35.93775-82.8900410/4/2017LUCAS ETCHISON, Morgan Harris, Michael Perkins, Sydney Anderson, Rick SmithNCWRCTracy et al.
14451620IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, US Hwy 25/70, US Hwy 25/70Madison35.8968-82.824710/6/2010William T Russ, Joyce A Combs, Bryn H Tracy, Tyler R. Black, JOSHUA VAN LOFTIS, Ed M WilliamsNCWRCTracy et al.
1445181IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, Paint Creek Road, SR 1304Madison35.9407-82.893310/8/2009WT Russ, NA Bowman, T Jett, S Janekitkarn (UTK)NCWRCTracy et al.
1445293IctaluridaeBig Laurel CreekMadison35.8851-82.78046/6/2020Luke EtchisonNCWRCTracy et al.
1446131IctaluridaeFrench Broad River, Hwy 209, Hot SpringsMadison35.8978-82.826239219TVATracy et al.
1449651IctaluridaeSpring Creek, Hot SpringsMadison35.892727-82.8271508/13/1888Jordan, Jenkins, MeekUSNMTracy et al.