Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

9 records for Noturus gyrinus in Tyrrell County.

1343072Ictaluridae100, PT LKOUT-GA BAY-THE FORKSTyrrell35.697-76.166730131NCDMFTracy et al.
1345151Ictaluridae90, LITTLE ALLIGATOR CREEK (RIVER)Tyrrell35.948-76.124730823NCDMFTracy et al.
1346761Ictaluridae89, LITTLE ALLIGATOR CREEK (RIVER)Tyrrell35.938-76.033740610NCDMFTracy et al.
1350701Ictaluridae100, PT LKOUT-GA BAY-THE FORKSTyrrell35.697-76.166750604NCDMFTracy et al.
1364731Ictaluridae100, PT LKOUT-GA BAY-THE FORKSTyrrell35.697-76.166800905NCDMFTracy et al.
1424541IctaluridaeBee Tree Canal at SR 1120 bridge [Sawyer Road], 4.2 air miles S Woodley, [ca. 22.2 air miles ESE center Plymouth]Tyrrell35.83301-76.3554611216-Jul-64NCWRC (Baker and Smith)NCSMTracy et al.
1431161IctaluridaeScuppernong River, at NCWRC Access Area, [at end of Boat Ramp Road (SR 1228)] off US 64, [ca. 1.4 air] miles [W center] of ColumbiaTyrrell35.91963-76.276733421-Jul-64NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1433781IctaluridaeThe Frying Pan, off SR 1308, at Frying Pan Landing, [ca. 11.6 air miles SE center Columbia]Tyrrell35.799-76.1044998223-Jul-64NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1438061IctaluridaeAlligator River, at Cherry Ridge Landing, off of SR 1320 [S Gum Neck Road], [ca. 16.0 air miles SSE center Columbia], [see remarks]Tyrrell35.7035-76.1412963927-Jul-64NCWRC (Smith)NCSMTracy et al.