Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

28 records for Percina evides in Cherokee County.

2394011PercidaeValley R. at Rt. 64 bridge, on W edge of AndrewsCherokee35.202792-83.8403986/6/1968Timothy Zorach; L. JonesCUMVTracy et al.
2480612PercidaeHanging Dog Cr, off SR 1342Cherokee35.1520274-84.0611116/16/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
2480625PercidaeHanging Dog Cr, off SR 1342Cherokee35.152027-84.0611116/24/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
2480632PercidaeHanging Dog Cr, off SR 1342Cherokee35.152027-84.0611119/17/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
2480643PercidaeMartin Cr, SR 1558Cherokee35.0754098-84.02061676/17/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
2480655PercidaeMartin Cr, SR 1558Cherokee35.07541-84.0206177/9/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
2480662PercidaePeachtree Cr, old US 64Cherokee35.0778007-83.97433616/15/2004NCDWRTracy et al.
2480671PercidaePeachtree Cr, old US 64Cherokee35.077801-83.9743366/23/2009NCDWRTracy et al.
2480682PercidaeVengeance Cr, NC 141/SR 1520Cherokee35.160183-83.9202789/16/2014NCDWRTracy et al.
2554332PercidaePeachtree Creek at old US 64, [ca. 3.5 air miles ESE center Murphy]Cherokee35.07766-83.97448736/15/2004Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, Laura C. Gillespie, Nicole Flint, Allison L. PriceNCSMTracy et al.
2554341PercidaeHanging Dog Creek off SR 1342 [Ed Graves Road], [ca. 4.7 air miles NNW center Murphy]Cherokee35.15196-84.061027536/16/2004Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, Nicole Flint, Laura C. Gillespie, Allison L. PriceNCSMTracy et al.
2554352PercidaeMartin Creek, SR 1558 [Harshaw Road], [ca. 1.9 kilometers SE center Murphy]Cherokee35.07541-84.020614626/17/2004Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, Nicole Flint, Laura C. Gillespie, Allison L. PriceNCSMTracy et al.
2554501PercidaePeachtree Creek at old US 64, [ca. 3.5 air miles ESE center Murphy]Cherokee35.07766-83.97448736/23/2009Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, S. Michelle Simonson, Tony ButzNCSMTracy et al.
2554863PercidaeMartin Creek, at Harshaw Road [SR 1558], [ca. 1.9 kilometers SE center of Murphy]Cherokee35.07541-84.020515447/9/2014Bryn H. Tracy, M Vander Borg, S Homewood, N Maher (Chris Ackerman and Callie Moore)NCSMTracy et al.
2554872PercidaeVengeance Creek, at intersection of NC 141 and Vengeance Creek Road [SR 1520], [ca. 8.2 kilometers NE center of Murphy]Cherokee35.16025-83.920158399/16/2014Bryn H. Tracy, S Homewood, Mike Mickey, J Carter (Callie Moore)NCSMTracy et al.
2555147PercidaeValley River off CR 1515 [Fairview Road], 1.1 road miles ENE junction 1515 & 1519, 0.75 air miles E MarbleCherokee35.1776-83.907997135/29/1968FF Snelson and William M. PalmerNCSMTracy et al.
25551912PercidaeValley River, off County Road 1515, 1.1 road miles E junction 1519, 0.75 air miles E MarbleCherokee35.1777-83.9077987711/7/1974William M. Palmer, Alvin L. Braswell and M SeehornNCSMTracy et al.
2555421PercidaeValley River at Route 74 bridge, just SW of MarbleCherokee35.1681-83.9304962210/15/2001Morgan E. Raley, Robert E. Jenkins and B PorterNCSMTracy et al.
2555713PercidaeValley River, at Riverbend Campground, by US 19-74, RM 5, ca. 3.5 air miles NE MurphyCherokee35.1276-83.9822006210/11/1997Wayne C. Starnes, Katey D. Fitzpatrick, Robert E. Jenkins, AG Genderon, AB Branchaud, MC ClementsNCSMTracy et al.
2555735PercidaeValley River (RM 12.5) and lower Hyatt Creek by Fairview Road (SR 1515) off US 19/NC 141, 8.2 air miles NE MurphyCherokee35.1741-83.916198733/5/2000Wayne C. Starnes, Robert E. Jenkins, A Fiumera, B PorterNCSMTracy et al.
2577072PercidaeValley River at Country Hearth Rd. W. of Andrews Rt. 29/129Cherokee35.20583-83.827774/14/1999Bart & PillerTUTracy et al.
2577083PercidaeValley River trib. to Hiwassee River on W side of Andrews, Hwy. 19 & 129.Cherokee35.22417-83.744726/2/1964R.D. Suttkus & J.S. RamseyTUTracy et al.
2581925PercidaeCherokee; Valley River at Levis Road, 2.7 mi NE of MurphyCherokee35.1033333-84.01083337/1/2000D.A. NeelyUAICTracy et al.
2588271PercidaeValley River, 0.5 mi S of Marble, 1655 ftCherokee35.1701-83.9228887/24/1947JR Bailey crewUMMZTracy et al.
2591711PercidaeValley R. At Bridge On Britton Cr. Rd. At East City Limits of AndrewsCherokee35.20693-83.8155588/19/1964Miller Schwartz, Frank J.USNMTracy et al.
25949811PercidaeValley R., at Happy Valley Campground off US 129Cherokee35.122445-83.9906788/2/2016EEB 461UTTracy et al.
2594996PercidaeValley RM 17.7, at Quality Discount Furniture Store, AndrewsCherokee35.20482-83.823515/27/1999Wales, Wallus et al., TVAUTTracy et al.
2595002PercidaeValley RM 4.0, just above Marble Cr.Cherokee35.119937-84.0004337/1/1993TVAUTTracy et al.